Terms of Use

Creative Commons The images shown in the section "free pictures" are available under the Creative Commons license "Attribution-No Derivative Works" . The illustrations can be used free of charge also for commercial purposes. However, the illustrations are not free of rights, the usage is permitted under the following conditions:

  • You must attribute www.MedicalGraphics.de as author and specify the license  (CC BY-ND 4.0).
  • Modifications of the illustrations is not permitted, including the removal of our logo/URL.
  • If you use the illustration onliine we would appreciate a link to our website "www.medicalgraphics.de".
  • Direct links to illustrations are permitted with attribution to the site.

By using our Illustrations you accept this license agreement. You can find more informations about the Creative Commons licenese here.

kaufen medizinische bilderBuy medical images:

If the resolution of our free illustrations is not sufficient for you or you need further rights of use, we also offer the pictures for sale. Via the external platform  "gumroad.com" you can buy the pictures under the two offered licenses.

Rights of use Digital:

    • unlimited use of Internet & Social Media - offline usage such as Presentations - Printouts for Teaching

Rights of use Print&Digital:

    • Print products up to a limit of 10,000 pieces - unlimited use of Internet & Social Media - - offline use such as. presentations

In the description of the illustrations you will find a direct link to purchase the illustration at Gumroad or visit our Gumroad Shop. Payment is conveniently made via PayPal or credit card and you will receive an invoice if you specify this when you purchase. If you have any questions about licensing or are interested in licensing multiple images, please contact us


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