Especially in the medical sector, facts are often difficult to explain in a vivid way because of the complexity of the issues. Visualizations are the ideal way to achieve this task. High end visualizations based on the most current 3D technology and concentration on the medical and didactic necessary are the principles of our work. Most important for us in all our productions is to achieve the maximum artistic standard to conveythe matter in the most interesting and appealing way. 

zahnimplantat oberkieferWe create illustrations of vitals, anatomical structures or intracellular processes etc. for different areas like print, presentation, medical websites, fair booths, print and online campaigns etc.

What is to be show? For what purpose are the illustrations being designed? Together with you we carve out the specifications.


IMP321 dendritische zellen There is a broad range of options here, both technically and with regard to content. The possibilities range from production of a Flash movie for internet to HDTV-film, from simple display of vitals to narration of the most complex medical processes. MedicalGraphics creates films for interactive DVDs, for training intranet sites, stereoscopic 3d movies.

After developing a rough schedule we create a storyboard that covers the whole production and gives a good picture of the film in the preparatory stage. Get in touch with us.


ipad-pc-iphone-interactiv-echtzeit-3dDue to our years of experience in the computer game industry (PC, NDS, WII), interactive media,  especially the creation of real-time 3D content is one of our core areas. Especially in training and education purposes interactive content can help to experience and deepen the learned issues and can play an important role in the didactic conception. We create content for a variety of formats and 3D engines like html5, Unity3D or adapt to the individual specifications of a developer. Which technique best suits your project? Is the 3D content implemented and cross-linked with other applications? We would be happy to advise.