The possibilities of a 3D animation are widely dispersed. With such a 3D movie new medical products can be presented, mechanisms of action (moa) declared or it can be used in patient education. Such a 3D animation can be used in any media, such as PowerPoint presentation, YouTube video, exhibition canvas etc.


Patient information

medical 3d animationsPrior to surgery or to explain a disease, a video can give the patient a thorough overview of the topic. Especially complex processes, mechanisms or surgery can be conveyed as quickly and vividly. The video can be, for example, be used on the website of the hospital or be shown on the Tablet PC or Ipad or the attending physician.


Product presentation

animation-product-presentationTo simply and clearly convey the key features of a new medical product, a 3D animation provides all possibilities. This 3D film can be used as part of a larger campaign, for example, on the website of the product or at conferences to convey the most important features.

Example: 3D Animation "Blood glucose meter"


Medical engineering

animation-medical-engineering The use of medical and laboratory equipment, especially when different devices and systems are used in combination, can be explained in a 3D animation step-by-step. In the example shown here, a complete laboratory was visualized and more information could be retrieved about the devices at different process steps.


Mode of action (MOA)

animation mode of action In particular, the explanation of the mechanisms of active substances can be very quickly become complex and abstract. Biological processes that affected structures, the intracellular relationships etc. are ideal to convey with a 3D animation. Such a film can, for example, be an excellent explanatory help for the field service representative who wishes to transport these issues.

Example: Film Wound treatment