Here you will find a number of preliminary questions whose answers will help us in assessing a request.

Are you interested in a medical animation? In order to assess your inquiry as accurately as possible, we can find below a list of the information we often need for a  planned illustration.  Not all questions have to be answered in advance, but the more information available, the better our assessment.

Planning an animation project

Content questions:

  • approximate length of the planned movie?
  • Target audience of the film?
  • Which optics and which style is desired? Here pictures and links to video etc. help us to get an impression.
  • Are there any templates on which we can orientate ourselves eg in anatomy and presentation of the disease?
  • An important point in the assessment of a planned production is the specific content. Are information available, such as a similar production or a textual description of the contents of the film?

Technical questions:

  • Are subtitles used or a speaker? Are the voice recordings delivered or are they part of the request?
  • In how many languages ​​should the final film be available?

  • For what resolution should the movie be created (eg Full-HD) and which file formats should be delivered?

  • Are CAD data or photos of tools or devices shown available?

If some of the issues are still unclear at this stage, at least a cost and time estimate can often be made.


icon tel  Please feel free to contact us for further information, a cost estimate or an offer.