Portfolio medical apps and web applications

We create graphical content for medical and anatomical applications (apps). Take advantage of our many years of experience with the technical aspects of such a project and at the same time our knowledge in the field of medicine and anatomy. We are looking forward to your contact.

Cost and time estimation medical apps:

Especially with graphical content for apps, the enormous breadth of possibilities makes it almost impossible to give a general statement about time and costs without having further information. Here are factors such as content of the app and scope of the project, type of technical implementation, technical specifications (used development environment or engine, processing of graphics data) and the desired visual style play a major role. We are happy to work with you to make an assessment of time and costs.

For real-time 3D applications are a whole range of tools are available. Depending on the application, the use of Unity3D, Unreal, WebGL/HTML5 etc. may be useful.

Defining a procedure for the production of any interactive application is very difficult due to the range of possibilities. However, some core steps might be required in almost every production. To create these interactive applications, or apps, we work with experienced developers. Of course, working with developers of your choice is also possible.