Defining a procedure for the production of any interactive application is very difficult due to the range of possibilities. However, some core steps might be required in almost every production. To create these interactive applications, or apps, we work with experienced developers. Of course, working with developers of your choice is also possible.


Purpose and area of ​​use

interaktive-application-usageWhat is the idea behind your application? What is it´s purpose (internet, medical exhibition, desktop, mobile). Do you already have an idea of the functionality of the application? What will be shown? For which devices should be developed?



software-development Depending on the content of the applications and the planned target devices , different software solutions are possible. Development of the application by using software tools such as Unity 3D, Unreal, WebGL etc. may be useful. Sometimes developing a custom software solution is recommended.


Graphic content

interaktive-gui-design For larger projects, it is useful to define the graphic design of the application in advance and also design the user guidance. Also the graphic content can be defined in an early stage of the actual production.



interaktive-application-prototypeBy creating pre-versions (prototypes) of the actual application, the communication with the client during the production phase is guaranteed. In this process also design weaknesses can be detected and eliminated.


Final App

interaktive-applicationThrough further development of the prototype the final status of the application is finally reached. This includes the specified functions and is capable of running on all defined devices.