Description of the various phases of the project when creating a medical illustration or graphic.

Purpose and area of ​​use

illustration-print-digitalAt the beginning of the production the question of the purposes for which the medical images to be used has to be answered. Do you want the illustration to be used on the internet, mobile devices or in print? What printing size is planned: A5, A4 or poster size? Enormous image sizes for poster or exhibition banners are possible (eg 25000px * 25000px - 2m x 2m in 300dpi). What is the license you need?


Desired image style


Which style or look you have in mind for your illustration? Do you intend a rather schematic illustration an aestheticized realistic depiction, or should it go in the direction of photorealism?
To transport the look you have in mind, exemplary images that reflect the intended style are very helpful.


Determine the image content

An important phase in an illustration production is the coordination of the content. What is the core message of the image, which picture contents (organs, structures, and equipment) need to be shown? Are there photographs, drawings or perhaps even as CAD data of the medical tools to be shown? Is a caption planned?



sketch-illustrationFor more complex illustrations, it can be useful to rough sketches in advance, especially if these explain complex medical processes etc . This sketches are made by us on the basis of briefings and can also be used before the actual production, eg to allow the consultation with the advisory physician.



illustration-finales-renderingOn the basis of the previously performed coordination of style and content, the final illustration is generated. Depending on the complexity of the illustration, a number of image elements is created, which are then combined together to create the final illustration.