List of projects

In this category you will find a chronological list of all our projects in the areas of pharmaceutical communication, scientific publications, illustrations for advertisements, 3D models for apps, animations for patient information etc.


Anatomy of human eye with different approaches to catheterize carotid fistula

Illustrations on superior ophthalmic vein (SOV) approach for embolization of carotid cavernous fistula.

Elbow with epicondylitis

3D illustrations of epicondylitis humeri radialis.

Rupture rotator cuff

3D animation of rotator cuff rupture surgery.

Instability ankle

3D animation for the therapy of ankle instability.

Treatment anal fissure using laser

Animation of anal fissure surgery using laser fiber.

Keyvisual bronchial carcinoma

Surgery of a bronchial carcinoma using a laser fiber.

Mode of Action Guselkumab for Psoriasis

Illustration of the mode of action of guselkumab in psoriatic arthritis.

Keyvisual corneal topography of keratoconus

Illustrations of corneal topography and intraocular lenses.

ME-LAX Transesophageal Echocardiography

3D illustrations of the standard "ME-LAX" view in transesophageal echocardiography.

3D web application gynecology

Interactive 3D models in the browser on the topic of pelvic organ prolapse.

Videofluoroskopische Schluckstudie

Illustration of a videofluoroscopic swallowing study - VFSS

Augmented Reality App with Navigation - Photo iPad

3D model for an augmented reality app on hemophilic arthropathy of the ankle.

Stereoscopy examination - optician

Animation for the diagnosis of stereoscopic ametropia.

Fluid retention abdomen

Bladder pressure measurement for monitoring intra-abdominal pressure in intensive care patients.

Trigeminal nerve and innervated muscles

Illustrations of the nerves involved in the swallowing process and the muscles they innervate.

Brain with arteries - sagittal section

Illustrations of human brain with blood vessels.

Colorectal cancer - lymph nodes

Illustrations of a study paper on lymph node metastases in colorectal carcinoma.

Immune cells damage the body's own cells

3D animation on immune system dysfunction.

Examination positions dysphagia

Illustrations of different laryngoscopic examination for dysphagia patients.

Eosinophilic esophagitis

Illustration of the progression of a chronic inflammation of the esophagus.


Illustrations of various proteins.

Rhizarthrosis - stage 4

Illustrations of the four stages of trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis.

Skin replacement fish skin

3D MOA animation about a skin replacement made of fish skin.

Wrist osteoarthritis - Stage 4

Illustrations of the four stages of osteoarthritis of the wrist.

Face Capture IOS

Design of avatars for an IOS application for motion and face capturing.

Keyvisual Anterion

Design of a key visual for the Anterion system from Heidelberg for corneal topography and tomography.

Delayed triggering of the swallowing reflex

Drawn medical illustrations of dysfunctional swallowing.

Lern-App Anatomie

Concept and design of content for a mobile app "Anatomy Atlas".

Alfieri stitch - surgery for mitral valve regurgitation

Illustrations of reduction of mitral regurgitation by suturing the mitral valve leaflets (modified Alfieri stitch).

Mutation MDR1

Graphic showing the causes and effects of a gene defect in multidrug resistance protein-1 in some dog breeds.

 Omphalocele with omphalomesenteric duct

Illustration for a publication about an umbilical cord hernia of a newborn.

Sagittal section eye with nAMD

Design of illustrations for age-related wet macular degeneration (nAMD).

Muscle insertions knee - front

Illustrations and interactive app on the muscle attachments of the knee.

Detection of breast cancer by optoacoustic imaging

3D animation for use on the homepage on the basics of optoacoustic imaging.

Aligner front

Design of illustrations for aligner therapy to correct misaligned teeth.

Insertion of a suture through the damaged supraspinatus using the Scorpion tool

Illustrations of the surgical steps of an arthroscopic reconstruction of the rotator cuff.

Pancreatic head carcinoma

Design of drawn medical illustrations for various medical conditions.

Cancer immunotherapy

Illustrations on the use of hyperthermia in cancer immunotherapy.

Negative pressure therapy - leg

Application video of a secondary dressing for negative pressure therapy of wounds on extremities

Slide on protective cover Ancoris treatment set

Design of illustrations for a user manual for the installation of a support mesh in the sacrospinal ligament.

Continuous hemodialysis with withdrawal and typical flow rates

Design of illustrations for a medical book on hemodialysis.

Ablation myocardium in the left atrium

Illustration on treatment of atrial fibrillation.

Infraspinatus and Supraspinatus

Interactive 3D PDF on the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system for use in courses and e-learning.

  Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Illustrations of the severity of achalasia and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Treatment options for dysphagia

Treatment options for dysphagia after stroke and visualization of changes in brain activity.

Pelvic floor surgery - installation network in m. obturator internus

Design of illustrations for a surgical guide to installing a network for treating uterine subsidence.

Illustration Acne vulgaris

Drawn illustrations for different types of acne.

Active ingredient in nasal mucosa

Mode-of-action 3D animation of a sniff spray.

Incisions hip surgery - publication

Illustrations of different cuts during hip surgery.

Uptake of gold ions by macrophages

3D animation of the processes involved in applying gold implantation.

Coronavirus SARS-CoV2

Illustrations in different styles related to the corona virus (SARS-CoV2) under Creative Commons license.

interaction Hololens app

Design of content for a Hololens app for a medical congress.

Illustrations DRG stimulation

Illustrations for a publication on various medical interventions to stimulate the spinal ganglion for pain therapy.

Treatment thyroid noduleswith laser fiber

Illustrations about the treatment of nodules in the thyroid gland.

Treatment of muscular imbalance

3D animation of a device for the treatment of muscular dysbalance of the shoulder

Photoacoustic examination intestine

Information film on monitoring therapy for inflammatory bowel diseases using photoacoustic tomography.

Rinsing function laser fiber

Illustrations for the treatment of varices using a special laser fiber with flushing function.

Priorin against hair loss

2D animation on hormonal, genetically determined hair loss in women.

Metabolic disorders in children.

Draft illustration for training patients on metabolic disorders in children.

Ulcus cruris venosum

Design of 8 drawn illustrations of different types of wounds for wound care products.

medical devices

Four illustrations of medical devices for use in surgery and diagnostics.

Acne Inversa - Severity Hurley I

Drawn medical illustrations on classification of severity levels of acne inversa disease.

Transperineal treatment by laser prostate carcinoma

Cover illustration of a transperineal laser fiber surgery for the treatment of protocarcinoma.

Cover scientific journal

For a publication in the peer-to-peer journal "Chemical Review", the University of Zurich entrusted the design of the cover of the journal to MedicalGraphics. The illustration should illustrate an article on "Online Exhaled Breath Analysis".

Intervertebral disc prosthesis with implant holder

Animation for the installation of the intervertebral disc prosthesis.

Peripheral nervous system

Medical illustrations and graphics for educational material.

Embryo 7th week of pregnancy

Development in the weeks of pregnancy 4 to 12.

Wound dressing RespoSorb

3D animation to build up the wound pad RespoSorb.

Laparoscopy: Endometriosis, ovarian cyst and adhesions

3D animation for a gynecological surgery in the form of a laparoscopy

Treatment genital wart

Medical illustration for the treatment of genital warts by laser.

Anatomy of the stomach

Medical graphic showing the anatomical structure of the stomach in a section view.

Ankylosing spondylitis

Medical graphics on various diseases of the spine

Dental splint - Aligner

Animations on the fields of application of aligners (dental splint) for tooth correction.

Tooth correction brackets

Animation for a two-stage tooth correction (bracket and aligner).

Anatomy of a cell

Medical graphic on the structures of the cell.

Treatment varicose veins

Illustration for the treatment of varicose veins by laser.

Anatomy of the colon

Illustration - anatomy of the colon.

LED hologram fans

Video sequences for the fair use of a display, whose rotating arms are covered with LED strips and which creates a kind of transparent holo effect of the animations.

Sandblasting tooth

Animations on various topics around the use of retainer in orthodontics.

Adrenal tumor

Creation of various medical 2D vector illustrations.

CLL lymph nodes

Illustrations on the mode of action of a BTK inhibitor in CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) on the B cells in the lymph nodes.

Gastric glands

Drawn medical graphic of the glands of the stomach mucosa.

Optoacoustic imaging - research patient

3D animation on the principle and applications of optoacoustic imaging.

Operation method electrode spinal cord

Illustrations for a publication on a surgical method for inserting an electrode for the treatment of chronic pain.

Esophageal varices

Creation of various illustrations on diseases of the liver.

Anatomy skull

Detailed anatomical illustrations of a human skull (cranium + mandible) from different views.


Illustrations of a human fetus shortly before birth.

Principles of cancer immunotherapy

Illustrations for a PowerPoint presentation on "Principles of Cancer Immunotherapy".

Anatomical drawing vertebrae

Anatomical drawing of a vertebral body (vertebra) with emphasis on the articular surfaces.

Chronic wound leg

Drawn medical illustration of a chronic wound at the ankle.

Bracket incisor

3D animations on various orthodontic treatment methods.

Anatomy blood vessels

Illustrations of the anatomical structure of veins and arteries.

Fertilized egg

Illustrations in the style of a microscopic image of the division of a fertilized egg.

acromioclavicular blast

Animations, illustrations and interactive webGL application for e-learning.


Medical illustration of a tissue in the abdominal cavity with endometriosis.

Anatomy of the eye

Illustrations of the anatomical structure of the eye in the sagittal section.

Transdermal administration drug

Animations on the use of a drug in hormone replacement therapy.

Sleep apnea

Graphic for a scientific publication on the risk factors, pathophysiology and treatment options of sleep apnea.

ovarian cyst

High resolution illustration of an ovarian cyst during a laparoscopic procedure.

genital warts

Illustration of Condylomata acuminata (also called genital warts) for online and print for a manufacturer of laser fibers.

Mode of action cancer drug

MOA Illustrations of drugs in cancer immunotherapy.


Three illustrations of the surgical steps in a pleural drainage / chest drainage.

Hormonal IUD in uterus

Animations for e-detailing (iPAD) abaout the application of a hormonal IUD.

Localization MOA animation

Localization of an MOA animation of an antibody for the treatment of hemophilia A


Key-visual of a pneumothorax for the cover of a brochure for a manufacturer of clinical equipment.

Dog with carrier wave MET

Animation about "Ampli Modular Activation by Knop".

Zahnschema FDI

Various illustrations on dental topics.

Muskelsystem Frau im Halbprofil

Anatomical illustrations of the human muscular system.

 E-Detailing Psoriasis

3D animation for an e-detailing on the iPad to a drug for the treatment of psoriasis.

Pancreatic partial resection

2D animated sequences for an information-film for patients with partial pancreatic removal.

Human cell

Medical illustrations of a human cell based on 3D model.

Illustrations body regions

Illustrations of different regions of the human body.

Anatomy human head

Various illustrations on the anatomy of the human head.

Lenticular llustration

Illustrations for a life-sized, lenticular print of the anatomy of a human figure for a trade fair.

Anatomy heart

Illustrations about the anatomy of the human heart with some graphics focus on presentation of coronary vessels.

Subkutane Injektion

3D animation on the correct procedure with subcutaneous injection of an active substance.

Enthesitis spine

Low poly 3D models for an AR application about enthesitis disease of the spine.

B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL

2D animations for an information film for patients suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

Anatomy kidney

Anatomical graphic of the human kidney (front section partially removed).

Uterine fibroids

Illustration of the location of different types of uterine fibroids.

Biopsy Prostate

2D animations for information films for prostate cancer patients.

Growth of cancer cells

3D animation about the growth of cancer cells and visualisation of the displacement of healthy cells.

Storyboard App

Storyboard for defining the content of an application for patient information.

Kidney disease

Creation of an illustration of a diseased kidney.


Illustrations of the imaging technique of scintigraphy.

Stereoscopic 3D - Prostate cancer

Stereoscopic 3D sequences for a film on prostate cancer.

All-on-4 dentures

Illustrations for the treatment method All-On-4 for dentures.

Shoulder joint injuries Tossy I

Illustrations of injury to the shoulder and shoulder joint.


Content for an iPad app for the diagnosis of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. In this application the physician can present and document the individual disease pattern for each patient.

Systemic circuit

3D-animation of the two systems of the human blood circulation and the physiology of the heart.


Animation of a minimally invasive method for the removal of uterine fibroids by hysterscopic application of laser fibers (HOLA).

Cancer therapy - IPad

3D animation cancer therapy IPad.


Illustration of a treatment of a myoma with laser fibers.


Illustration of a monocyte: a cell of the immune system from which feeding cells (macrophages) develop.

Cervical polyp

Illustration of a cervical polyp.

Efferent stimulation conduction

3D animation about the efferent stimulation system for the control of muscles.

Antibodies immunotherapy

Comparison of different approaches in immunotherapy.

Neuropathic toothache

Medical images and animations for a lecture on causes of toothache and neuropathic pain.

Septate uterus

Illustration of an uterus septate.

Infographic compression therapy

Infographics illustrating the processes in compression therapy for vascular disease.

webGL Verge3D

This article describes two more tools to present anatomical 3D models via webGL in the normal web browser. WebGL makes this possible any additional plugins.

Ultrasound - Prostate

Medical vector illustrations on the topic of prostate cancer.

Mode-of-action cancer immunotherapy

Project description of illustrations and animations about the mode-of-action of IMP321 in strengthening the immune response.

Bewegungsapparat Animationen WebGL

Description of animations for trainings and courses in fitness and sports - covering the musculoskeletal system.

Anatomy of the skeletal muscle

3D animation for the anatomy of the transverse muscle (skeletal muscle).

Anatomy hand

IPad application about the effects of a enthesitis disease on the anatomy of the human hand.

Myoma surgery

Illustrations of the hysteroscopic removal of a myoma from the uterus using a laser fiber.

Endoprosthetics - sexuality

Eleven vector illustrations for an information brochure on "Sexuality after an endoprosthetic procedure" for an orthopedic clinic in Cologne.


3D animation for a patient information film about the early detection of concussion.

safety cannula

Film about the application and function of a safety port needle (EZ Huber – Safety Port Needle) for the punctuation of implanted port catheters.

Local chemotherapy

Animated 3D video about the use of chemotherapeutic agents, which are provided with magnetic nanoparticles and can be selectively concentrated by using a magnet.


Comparison of a healthy blood vessel with a vessel with atherosclerotic plaques.

Design studies wound dressing

Illustrations of different design studies of wound dressing for a user survey to evaluate possible product developments.

Wound dressing HydroClean

IIllustration of the new HydroClean wound pad 10x10cm with focus on the visualization of both sides of the wound dressing.

Liver cirrhosis

Illustrations of various diseases of the human liver such as primary liver cell carcinoma, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and liver fibrosis


Medical illustrations of arthritic diseases of the hand.


Illustrations of various types of food such as fish, fast food, fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, bread etc., for a brochure of a manufacturer of food supplements.

Musculoskeletal animation WebGL

Evaluation of the possibilities of interactive 3D PDFs and webGL.

Hormone replacement therapy

3D animation for a medical detailing for pharmaceutical agents (IPAD application) about the depot function a transdermal estradiol sprays for hormone replacement therapy.

Partial dentures

Illustration of various dental prosthesis types such as bridge, implant, crown and partial prosthesis. Visualization of the indication and the dental procedures.


Key visual for ophthalmology. Illustration of the eye in sagittal section with retina, tympanic glands, fat deposits and lacrimal ducts.

Atraumatic forceps with window

Illustrations of tools for laparoscopic surgery.

Comparison chronic and acute wound

Schematic visualization of the healing process in an acute wound in comparison to an impaired wound healing in a chronic wound by infections, hyperproliferation of the epidermis, reduced angiogenesis, etc.

Dentures and implantology

Animated 3D videos of the most common techniques in dentures and implantology: bridge, implant, bridge prosthesis, veneer, telescope technique, crown and inlay. Visualization of the assessment situation, presentation of the dental solution used and its application.

Synthetic nucleosides

Comparison of the effects of two synthetic nucleosides (DNA and RNA incorporation) in cancer therapy.

Illustrationen medizinische Fachpublikationen

Description of various illustration projects for medical and scientific publications.

Apical periodontitis

Dental illustrations about root-canal-therapy (apical periodontitis).

Morbus Crohn - Intestinal wall

3D animation of pathophysiological processes in Crohn's disease. The focus of the 3D animation was on the visualization of the cellular mechanisms of the auto-immune reactions.

Sonography heart

Illustrations of standard cuts of the heart with a transesophegal echo (TEE) for training and education. An ultrasound head is inserted into the esophagus and allows a sonography of different areas of the heart.

360 video

360 degree animation of intracellular effects in triggering an asthma response. The VR App uses the movement sensors of an IPhone for navigation / exploration within the animation.


Project description of a VR-app using mobile devices to show the impact of metabolic disorder in type 2 diabetes.

Video biological age

3D animation for the analysis system "Vasometrix" for determining the biological age. By measuring pulse pressure curves of the blood vessels, conclusions can be drawn about the biological age of the vessels.

Cancer immunotherapy

Visualization of the mode of action of IMP321, an activator of antigen-presenting cells used to increase an immune response to tumours.

Evaluation of the possibilities of showing 3D models in modern browsers using webGL and Sketchfab.


Illustration of a Pilonidalsinus procedure (coccygeal fistula) by laser fiber. The laser treats the abscess cavity and concludes the fistulous cavities while slowly pulling out.

Thermal image laser fiber

Illustration of a thermographic image of a two-ring laser fiber illustrating the even release of energy through the two-ring system.


3D Animation to inform patients before a surgery about anesthesia/p>

Pathogenesis of leukostasis

Illustration on the pathogenesis of leukostasis in acute myelogenous leukemia for a scientific publication.

Hemato-oncology app

Real-time 3D models for an IOS app to illustrate haematooncological diseases.

3D print

Creation of a physical 3D learning model of the hand and foot with tendons and muscles. Export the data to output the objects on a 3D printer for later production of molds for production.


Project description of illustrations about dental implants and tools for a guide and for presentations and training courses


3D animation of blood glucose meters for exhibitions and conferences.

Spinal anaesthesia

Patient film for information on the course and risks of spinal anesthesia for a surgery.

Coccygeal fistula

Medical illustration of a coccygeal fistula (sinus pilonidalis) and visualization of an abscess cavity via a sagittal section.

App skin disease

Graphical content for an interactive Augmented Reality app for the diagnosis of skin diseases for IOS / IPAD. Visualization of the most frequently affected parts of the body on a real-time 3D figure.


Animations and illustrations for the use of the wound dressing HydroClean (plus) for the control of matrix metalloproteases in the treatment of chronic wounds.

Welded laser fiber

Comparative illustration of glued and welded tips of medical laser fibers with focus on showing the higher tensile strength in welded fibers.

Laser surgery coccyx - pit-picking

Illustration of the surgical result of a coccygeal fistula six weeks after the operation using "pit-picking" with a laser fibers in comparison to an conventional surgery.


Graphical content for an interactive AR application for the diagnosis of Enthesitis using the example of the human foot. Creation of a detailed human foot with the most important ligaments and muscles, including pathlogical changes in the case of enthesitis, ie inflammation of the tendon attachments.

HydroTac Wundauflage

Illustration series on the functioning of the improved wound dressing "HydroTac" with a greater focus on the hydrated polyurethanes in the gel contact layer.

interaktive anwendung herz unity3d

Description of evaluating anatomical 3D models in Unity 3D.

Upper jaw with incisor

Illustrations for a manufacturer of dental implants. Sagittal section through the upper jaw with complete incisor, including the dental apparatus.

PASI-Scores App

Graphics for an application for the diagnosis of psoriasis disorders. Using a case study of a virtual patient, the severity of the disease is assessed (Pasi score).

Tianeptin - synapse gap

3D animation of the mode of action of Tianeptin in the treatment of depression. Focus on the processes at the AMPA receptor in the synapse gap of nerve cells.


Illustrations of various tools for use in general anesthesia.


Illustrations of the medical specialties of the St. Vincenz hospital group, which act as a kind of key visual for the areas of the website. The figure shows a spleen with blood vessels.


Multilingual patient film on endometriosis. Explanation of the disease pattern, ie the presence of uterine mucosa outside the uterus. Presentation of therapy possibilities and further information.

Antigen 1IGT

Illustrations of antigens in different abstraction levels (schematic, simplified 3D view, molecular representation).

Atrauman Silicone

Visualization of the mode of action of the wound contact layer "Atrauman Silicone" for the treatment of wounds with a medical product video.

Healthy vein flap

Illustration of a healthy venous valve in contrast to various diseases of the vein like Insufficiency of venous valve, therapy in valve failure, venous wall weakness. Illustration of possible therapy for venous wall weakening.

Sections Testicular surgery

Illustration of a testicular surgery for a medical publication using two sub-illustrations.

Voice recording

Production of voice recordings in the Rheinklang Studios for a mode-of-action film on depression.

Screw-retained abutmen

Medical illustrations for a handbook on dental surgery. Illustrations of the assessment situation, application of implants, construction of the dental prosthesis, course of a surgical procedure, etc.

Animation acne

Multilingual patient film on "Acne" among young people. In addition to the German and English versions, a gender-specific film for boys and girls was created.

Cancer therapy - DNA

Illustration on the mode-of-action of Azacitidine in the context of a cancer therapy with the focus on the processes in the cell replication.


3D models and animated sequences for an Augmented Reality (AR) application for the iPad on the subject of "Hematopoiesis".


Animations of mode of action of hydrotherapy wound dressings for healthcare professionals.

Patient film anesthesia

Patientfilm about preparations, expiration and risks about anesthesia in a surgery.

Superabsorbent polymers

Illustrations and animation of function of superabsorbent polymers (SAP) in the wound dressing "HydroClean". Description of the mode-of-action: delivery of Ringer's solution, neutralization of exudates.

Dental implants

Illustrations for a manual for the application of dental implants. Different dental implant types and their specific application were vizualised.


Project description of medical graphics to explain and document current standard surgeries.

Exercises - COPD disease

Illustrations of exercises to improve the state of health in COPD patients in a schematic vector look.

3D printing occlusion of the pulmonary artery

3D model of a human heart with occlusion of the pulmonary artery by a thrombus for 3D printing.

Interactive terminal - Wound management

3D animation of the mode of action of a TenderWet wound dressing for an interactive terminal at a medical fair.

HydroTac transparent MOA

Illustrations and animation on the active principle of the HydroTac transparent wound dressing.

Synaptic cleft and Dopamin

Modifications of an existing illustration on the lack of the neurotransmitter dopamine at the synaptic cleft in a Parkinson's disease.

Augmented reality app - Diabetes

Graphical content for an augmented reality application for iPad related to diabetes. Explorable 3D model of the most frequently affected organs.


3D model of a cat bladder with bladder stones for a 3D print. This print was used to create molds for the later production of anatomical model for learning purposes.

Ankle joint injury

Illustrations on the anatomical structure of the ankle including ankle joint injury in various degrees of severity.

Heart in 4-chamber view

3D animation about the vascular system and the human heart. Illustration of a heart in a 4-chambered view with exposed ventricles and a view on the heart valves.

synergy illustration

Project description of a keyvisual about the cooperation of healthcare agencies for an advertising campaign.


Illustrations on healthy and enlarged hemorrhoids.


Project description of illustrations of the causes of back pain.

HydroTac MOA

Illustrations and animation on the structure and function of the HydroTac wound dressing in the wound care.

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Illustration for a medical publication on transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). The publication deals with a special fuse technology at the entry point of the catheter at the heart tip.

Regions rheumatism

Ilustration of the regions most affected by rheumatism.

Animation Cosmopor

Animation for a microwebsite about Cosmopor wound dressing.

HydroClean wound dressing

Illustrations and animations about usage of HydroClean wound dressing.


Images illustrating the medical specialties of a hospital: heart, pancreas, kidney, stomach and intestines. The example shows an intestine for the field of gastroenterology.

Corporate video HIOS

3D animation (corporate video) for HIOS (Hybrid Inorganic / Organic Systems for Opto-Electronics) at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Illustration Prospan

Illustration for a print campaign for the cold medicine "Prospan". The slime-dissolving effect of the extracts of ivy leaves from Prospan is explained by a glass person whose lungs are formed by ivy leaves.

Acoustic signals ear

Illustration of the conversion of acoustic signals in the middle and inner ear into electrical impulses.

Virtual figure - HTML5

Conception and design of 3D figures used as html5 navigation element for the healthcare website


Illustration of the premature ossification of a child's head (craniosynostosis) in various forms.

Augmented-reality app

3D modeling and preparation for an AR application (augmented reality) on an Apple iPad. Main content of the application was the anatomy of the lungs and the visualization of active substances for better oxygen uptake.


Illustrations of telangiectasia on the lower leg, also known as spider veins. These expanded capillary vessels of the skin can be treated by laser fibers.

PLDD surgery herniated disc

Illustration of a minimally invasive surgery PLDD (percutaneous laser disk decompression).

haemophilie key visual

Project description for illustrations showing indication of therapeutic areas.

Key-Visuals usage laser fibers

Creation of a series of Key-Visuals for the entire product range of fiber-optic laser probes for Biolitec. Key Visuals for Phlebology, Urology, Proctology, Gynecology, Thoracic Surgery, ENT and orthopedics.

Skin barrier

Design of a graphic styleguide for scientific illustrations for Beiersdorf brand "Eucerin".

Enlarged prostate

Comparison of a healthy prostate with an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Medical illustration of a heart with atrial fibrillation compared to a normal working heart.

Bladder catheter

Illustration of a bladder catheter in a male patient.

 Treatment varices

Illustration of a laser fiber (ELVeS Radial 2ring) for the treatment of venous diseases such as varicose veins (varices).

Key-Visual ​​gynecology

Key-Visual for "​​gynecology" with uterus.

Surgery enlarged prostate

Illustration of treatment of an enlarged prostate using laser fiber.

Urolithiasis - Laser fiber

Illustrations for removing kidney stones with the aid of a laser fiber. Illustration of the kidney in sectional view, close-up view of a laser fiber removing a kidney stone.

Heart AR-App

Augmented Reality application for a medical exhibition: A beating 3D heart is projected over a marker.

Enlarged Hemorrhoids

Medical illustrations on "Treatment of Anal Fistulae and Enlarged Hemorrhoids by Laser Fibers".

Bacteria - Urinary tract infection

Illustrations on the topic of urinary tract infection. Visualization of causes, anatomy of the urogenital tract, urination and prostate.

Illustrationen Diuresis

Medical illustrations on "Urine production in the kidney".

Ffood supplements

Illustrations on gender-specific food supplements.

Sublingual tablet

Illustration on the mode of action of a sublingual tablet in pain treatment of cancer patients.

Laser surgery bladder cancer

Illustrations on the use of laser fibers in the treatment of bladder carcinomas.

Patient education "menstruation"

Medical film on the topic "menstruation" and "heavy monthly bleeding" for patient education.

orthopedic hip replacement

Project description of patient information about treatment of hip and knee arthroplasty, foot, knee, shoulder and spine surgery


Project description of a key-visual for print campaign of cough suppressant "Prospan".

key visuals brochures

Project description of illustrations of minimally invasive laser procedures and devices.

App preventing strokes

Development of 3D figures for a healthcare application in which the patient performs certain exercises for stroke prevention. The application uses a Kinect to visualize and evaluated the exercises.


Vector illustrations for various standard surgery. The example shows the surgical procedure of an Ileostomy.

Surgery esophagectomy

Animated 3D film for patient education on esophagectomy, an operation of an esophageal tumor in which parts of the esophagus are removed and newly formed from parts of the stomach.

Endoprosthetic hip replacement

3D animation of an endoprosthetic hip replacement (prosthesis shaft, prosthesis head, prosthesis socket).

Surgery polyp in uterus

Illustration of surgery of a polyp in the uterus using a laser fiber. The illustration also shows fibroids in the uterus.

Port catheter

Illustration of the use of a port catheter.

Game - blood pressure

3D content for a Serious Game to be used at a medical conference, which was realized with Unity3D.


Project description of illustrations showing minimally invasive laser treatments.

Illustration Infusion

Illustration of the function and application of an infusion.


Product videos for various blood glucose meters: Presentation of the devices, the key features of the products and visualization of the technical aspects.


Illustrations for various disease pictures as key visuals for use on a website. In the example, a stroke caused by atrial fibrillation is shown.

Key-Visual synergie

Development of a key visual for the planned cooperation of two healthcare agencies.

Situs gallbladder

Illustration of the position of the liver and gallbladder with surrounding organs (stomach, pancreas) and graphic of gallstones in the bile duct

Lactose intolerance

Illustrations of different foods containing hidden milk components for patient education for lactose intolerant patients.

Taste bud

Illustration of a taste bud with visualization of sense cells and nerve fibers.

Knee joint replacement

Design of illustrations for various types of endoprosthetic implants. In this example a knee joint replacement is shown.


Project description about a surgery for patients with an esophageal carcinoma.


Project description of anaglyph stereoscopic 3D movie on lipometabolism.

Orthopedic surgical guide

Project description of ilustrations for an orthopedic surgical guide for revision endoprosthesis

Pain perception

Illustrations on pain perception and explanation of the effects of ibuprofen.

Petri dish

Illustration of a hand holding a petri dish with bacteria.

Anatomy of the ear

Animation about the anatomy and functioning of the ear.


Illustrations on the effects of cellular stress on the processing and transmitting of neurons.

Balance board application

Scenes and figures for a serious game realized with Unity 3D and a Nintendo Wii balance board.


Illustration anatomy of the upper surface of the tongue (dorsum) with illustration of the wall papillae and the fungus papillae.

Arthritis shoulder

Illustration of different severity degrees of osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint.

Serious game receptors

Serious game designed for a touch display for an application at a medical fair. In this application the correct active ingredients must be transferred to the appropriate receptors.

Gastrointestinal stromal tumor

Illustrations of cancer: lung cancer, thyroid cancer, colorectal cancer, gastrointestinal stromal tumor.

Hallux valgus

Illustration of the indications of hallux valgus, disc herniation and osteoarthritis. The example shows a healthy foot compared to a foot with hallux valgus.

Cellular effect antibiotics

Illustration on the cellular effect of antibiotics on the alveolar epithelial cells and the bronchial muscle cells of the lung.

Pituitary gland

Illustration of the position of the pituitary gland (hypophysis) in the skull.

Perfusion catheter aortic arch

Illustration about a perfusion catheter in use on the aortic arch (Arcus aortae).

Tick card

Illustration of a tick removal with a tick card.

Serious Game - Unity3D

Serious game for a touch screen application at a medical congress.

Hip replacement

Illustrations for a surgery manual for endoprosthetic implants (hip replacement) for AQ Implants.

Antibiotic and bacteria

Illustration of the mode-of-action of an antibiotic on bacteria.


Project description of illustrations of orthopedic implants.

Symptome Mittelohrentzündung bei Babys

Information film about the subject middle ear infection (Otitis media) in babies and children.

Vascular prosthesis

Illustration of a vascular prosthesis in an artery.

Laboratory equipment

3D animations for a Flash based application shown on a trade fair info terminal. Focus of the application were the presentation and technical context of various laboratory devices from Sartorius Stedim.


Illustration of the periodontium showing the anchoring of a tooth in the jaw

Antibiotic on cell wall

Illustration of the antibiotic "tyrosur" and the effect of its components tyrocidin + gramicidin on the cell wall of a bacterium.

Infographic cesarean

Infographics on the occurrence of cesarean

Sleep apnea

Illustration of the cause of obstructive sleep apnea.

Design of two illustrations on the mode of action of antibiotics for Engelhard Arzneimittel.


Illustrations for a print campaign by Prospan (Engelhard) on the subject of cough.


Project description of illustrations about Ileitis infection in the colon.

Histological structure thyroid gland

Illustration of the histological structure of the thyroid gland. Visualization of thyroid cells, thyroid follicles and blood vessels.

Stages cervical cancer

Illustrations of the development of cervical cancer and the Pap Smear test for early detection.

Circulatory system

Schematic illustration of the two circulatory systems of the blood, ie the pulmonary circulation (small circulation) and the body circulation (large circulation).

Surfer - Unity 3D

Scenery and character animation for a serious game with Unity 3D. A Wii balance board was used as input device to control the movements of the surfer.

Pap smear

Illustration of a pap smear at cervix uteri for a diagnosis of HPV (human papillomavirus). Illustration of a biopsy sampling at cervix.

labratory infoterminal

Project description of a 3D animation of a laboratory model to demonstrate the interaction of its medical engineering products.

Effects of cold on bronchi

Illustrations of the effect of a common cold on the bronchi for a print campaign by Prospan (Engelhard).

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Illustration about the causes of a carpal tunnel syndrome, ie the damage of the hand nerves by a swelling or inflammation at the carpal tunnel.


Illustration of a urine test (urine test strips).

Transformation zone cervix

Illustration of a histological section of the transformation zone of the cervix during a smear.

Vertebral column

Illustration "anatomy of the spine". Illustration of the sections of the spinal column and the structure of vertebral segments and discs.

Hand anatomy

Illustration of the anatomy of the human hand with skeleton, vessels, nerves, ligaments and tendons.

Cell transformation HPV

Illustration of a uterine cell compared to cell transformed by HPV (human papillom viruses)

Immune defense

Medical illustrations of the two parts of the immune system: innate general (unspecific) defense and acquired specialized (adaptive) defense.

Tonsils anatomy

Illustration about the position of the tonsils (tonsils).

Anatomy joint

Schematic illustration of the anatomy of a joint showing the joint capsule, articular gap, articular cartilage, bones and muscles.

Anatomy of the kidney

Illustration of the anatomy of the kidney in with ureter, kidney capsule, kidney cortex, kidney, renal vein and renal artery.

Contraceptive loop

3D animation about the "application and mode-of-action of a contraceptive loop".

Eye pressure - glaucoma

Illustration of the anatomy of the eye and the role of the eye pressure for the development of a glaucoma.

Pinball 3D

Real-Time 3D pinball game for medical fair (Unity 3D).

Cerebral hemispheres

Illustrations of the allocation of the body regions to the respective cerebral hemispheres.

Partial denture

Illustrations of a dental prosthesis - example showing of a partial denture.

Prevention melanoma

Illustrations on the criterias for the detection of demal changes in a skin cancer (melanoma).

Anatomy of the brain

Illustrations on the anatomy of the brain in with the cerebrum, phlegm, thalamus, hypothalamus, hypophysis, cerebellum.

Nerve strand

Illustrations of the nervous system. Visualization of a nerve strand with nerve bundles and supplying blood vessels.

Paranasal sinuses

Medical illustrations of paranasal sinuses and their position in the body.


Illustration of a microscope including microscopic pictures of propagating bacteria.

Blood circuits heart

Illustration of blood circulation of the two blood circuits of the heart. Illustration of the heart in the 4-chamber view (atrium and ventricle).

Osteoarthritis knee

Illustrations of the different stages of osteoarthritis in the knee joint.

Pressure ulcer

Illustrations about the most affected areas of bedsore.

Anaglyph 3D video

Stereoscopic 3D film about fat metabolism of the body using anaglyph technique (red cyan glasses)


Illustrations of a histological image of a metastasizing tumor in human skin.

Ankle joint

Illustrations of the tendons and position of the ankle joint.

human thyroid gland

Project description of an animation for an information campaign covering hyperthyroidism for TV.

Intestinal villi

Illustration of healthy and diseased intestinal villi within an ileitis infection


Medical illustration of a melanocyte (pigment cell) in the basal layer (stratum basale) and the spinal layer (stratum spinosum) of the skin.

Myelinated nerve fibers

3D animation about pathological changes of nerve fibers caused by diabetes. Presentation Nerve types (medullary and non-medullated nerve fibers).


Medical illustration of a "Frozen Shoulder", a painful shoulder stiffness.

Varicose veins

Illustrations on the anatomical changes of veins and venous valves in varicose (varices). Visualization of the insufficiency of the venous valves with blood reflux.

Niacin and cholesterol

3D animation on the effect of niacin on cholesterol: lowering LDL cholesterol, Lp (a) and triglycerides and increasing HDL cholesterol.

Female abdomen

3D animation of the anatomy of female abdomen with illustration of skeleton, vessels, intestine, uterus and bladder.

Anatomie skin

Illustration of the anatomie of the skin showing the hair follicles and hair follicles and sebaceous gland.


Medical illustration of skin changes in psoriasis.

Pregnancy fetus

3D animation on embryology, development and oxygen and nutrients supply of the fetus through the placenta.

Male abdomen

Illustration of the anatomy of the male abdomen in the sagittal section (bladder, prostate, penis, testis, vas deferens, epididymis, urethra).

Gastric wall

Animation of the absorption processes off the stomach wall. Presentation of the secondary cells with nerves and supplying blood vessels.

Atopic eczema

Illustration of changes in the skin structure due to atopic dermatitis - reduction of lipids and penetration of pathogens by damaged skin barrier.

Peristaltic bowel

Medical animation of pyshiological processes during digestion.

Intrauterine device

3D animation about an intrauterine device (position, release and effect of the hormones).

Arthritis knee

Illustrations on arthritis of the hand and the knee at various stages of the disease.


Project description of different illustrations of an ovum for a print campaign for Wyeth Pharma.

Lymphatic system breasts

Illustrations of lymphatics and lymph nodes in the female breast.

Nerve fibers

Comparison of the anatomy of unmyelinated (marked) and myelinated (medullated) nerve fibers.


Medical illustrations about brachytherapy in treatment of prostate cancer for a health portal (implantation of radiation sources (seeds) into the prostate under ultrasound control).

Leg veins

Animation of the individual groups of the leg veins (deep veins, superficial veins, perforating veins).

Localization video

Localization in German language and conversion of the original film "Effect of antibiotic Cubicin" from PAL to 16:9.

Insulin therapy

Medical animation for patient education on the subject of insulin therapy (German  + English).

Menstrual cycle

Schematic illustration of the menstrual cycle with focus on the changes in the structure of the uterine lining in the monthly cycle (depending on the presence of progesterone and estrogen).

Thyroid disease

3D animation about the thyroid gland overfunction and under-function and the effects of taking iodine.

Blood vessel application

3D models for an application for a terminal at a medical trade fair. In this "serious game" the viewer traveles through a blood vessel and the application explains different processes in the vessel and on the vessel wall.

Perception of volume

Illustrations of various sources of noise with representation of the frequencies and the sound pressure level for an article about "noise as a cause of disease".

Anatomy ear

Illustrations on the anatomy of the human ear. Illustration of the auditory canal and the inner ear (labyrinth with arches and auditory canal).

Spongiosa osteoporosis

Illustrations of the alteration of the bone structure of the spongiosa by osteoporosis.


Illustration of endometriosis, a disease in which the uterine lining also occurs outside the uterus.

Myomas and polyps

Illustrations of the disease of the uterus. Visualization of polyps in the uterus and in the uterine wall benign muscle tumors (myomas).

Blood sugar measurement

3D animation about blood sampling for blood glucose measurement. Illustration of the penetration of the needle through the upper skin layers for blood sampling.

Proton pump

3D animation on the function of the proton pump inhibitor "esomaprazole" on the cells of the stomach wall.


Visualization of alveoli with blood vessels for a 3D animation about the lung diseases COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma.

Boutonniere deformity

3D animations on arthritic disease on fingers and hand shown here on the example of a Boutonniere deformation.

Anatomy hip

Anatomy of the hip with muscles and vessels for a 3D animation about the changes in an osteoarthritis disease of the hip.

Hypertonic heart

3D animations about the long-term effects of hypertension on the human heart. In the example, a dilated heart is shown.

Bronchi and alveoli

Illustration of a bronchial branch for comparison of healthy bronchi and alveoli and their change in asthma.

Stenosis artery

Illustration about the development of a stenosis (narrowing) of blood vessels up to a closure of the vessel by a thrombus.


3D-animation about the physiological causes of respiratory diseases.

Peridural anesthesia

Illustration of the principle of peridural anesthesia (PDA), a regional anesthesia close to the spinal cord.

Respiratory system

Illustration of a sagittal section of the respiratory organs (lungs, bronchi, alveoli) and upper respiratory tract in the pharynx.


Assembly of an arterial vascular system into a photo of an overweight older man.

Alveolar macrophage

Animation about the health-preserving functions of the alveolar macrophage in the alveoli of the lung.


3D-animation about the causes of a myocardial infarction.


Animation of the neurons of the brain  for a video on the monoamine theory in connection with the development of depression.

Atrial thrombus

Animation inside the atrium of a beating heart. An anterior thrombus dissolves and passes through the mitral valve into the left ventricle and later causes closure in a brain artery.


3D animation on menopause in German and English. Presentation of the physiological processes in the body of the woman, description of complaints and advice for dealing with this process.

Asthma inhaler

3D animation of how an asthma inhaler works - in particular visualization of the atomization of the active substances in the device.


3D animation about molecules which have the same structure (and thus also the same sum formula) but differ by the arrangement of the atoms.

Physiology stomach wall

3D animation about the anatomy of the stomach wall with an intersection of the muscle layers and the vessels.

BNP synthesis

3D-animation for the synthesis and secretion of BNP.


3D-animation of the development of insufficiency of the mitral valve.

Ultrasonography uterus

Animations and illustrations for a gynecological e-learning application (DVD).

Blood flow heart

Animated blood flow in a beating heart with different colors for lung and body circulation.

Arterial plaque

Visualization of the development of an arterial plaque to a stenosis and finally a complete vascular occlusion.

arterial hypertension

Animation of an arterial hypertension due to a median hypertrophy.

Beating heart

Human heart with coronary vessels. Illustration of the anatomically correct kinetic of a healthy heart.

Cerebral circulation

Content for an e-learning application for training employees on the topic of brain anatomie, blood supply  and diseases.

Atrial thrombus

3D animation of a beating heart in 4-chamber view with a visualization of a thrombus in the left atrium.

Electrical conduction system heart

Explorable application (QTVR) for heart stimulation, including sinus nodes, atrioventricular carnages, HIS bundles, Tawara limbs and Purkinje fibers.

Webseite Flash

Illustrations for the website of "Chirurgie Nürnberg" (Flash).

Comparison veins and arteries

Comparison of the anatomical structure and the blood flow in arteries and veins in a cross-section.

Heart diseases - hypertension

Interactive heart about heart diseases (hypertension, coronary heart disease, mitral valve stenosis) using Quicktime VR.


3D animation about impact of stroke. In the example, the inferior truncus of the cerebri media is occluded. The brain area, which is no longer supplied with blood, is shown in white.

Myocardial infarction

Visualization of a human heart in the two-chamber view. The septum is affected by the infarction, including altered heart kinetics.

Nerve conduction

3D animation about stimulation of different nerve types (unmyelinated and myelinated nerve cells).

Human heart

Detailed and anatomically correct 3D model of the human heart. Modeling of all interior areas like flaps and supplying vessels.

Venous valves

3D Animation about venous valves prevent backflow of blood.

Pain inhibition

3D Animation about pain regulation in the nerves of the central nervous system.


Anatomy of the swallowing process with focus on the processes of larynx and epiglottis.


3D animation showing development of a stenosis and a resulting vascular occlusion.

Anatomy of human knee

3D model of the anatomical structures of knee (bones, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves and muscles).

Web application

Medical website about heart diseases using Flash and actionscript for interactivity.

Bones and tendons hand

Anatomically correct 3D model of the bones and tendons of the human hand.

Venous system

3D model of the venous system of the human body.

Medical equipment

Creation of 3D models for illustrating medical equipment for a product catalog for PENTAX MEDICAL.

Anatomy eye

Anatomically correct 3D models of the human eye. Transversal section to expose the view of the optic nerve, muscles, lens etc. Frontal section for the visualization of the retina and its vessels.

Veins human leg

3D model veins of the leg. Visualization of deep veins, superficial veins and perforation veins.

Anatomy of the human lung

Anatomic 3D model of lung - trachea, lung lobes and lung segments.

Main arteries

Main human arteries for a health portal ( Shockwave 3D / Flash animation )

Blood vessels brain

Anatomical 3D model of the blood vessels of the human brain.

Endoscopic tools

Illustrations of endoscopic tools for Pentax (vector illustrations and 3d models).

Thrombosis animation

Medical 3D animation about thrombosis created with Real3D on Commodore Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, Amiga 3000 and Amiga 4000 home computer.