You can view a complete list of all our projects in chronological order and we present selected productions in detail in the form of a "making-Ofs".

Brief description of all projects

Here is a short chronological overview of all our projects in the fields of medical illustration, animation and apps with images from the production and some other details.→ Link project list ←

Illustrations surgical manual for pelvic floor prolapse

Design of illustrations for a user manual for the installation of a support mesh in the sacrospinal ligament.

3D PDF musculoskeletal system

Interactive 3D PDF on the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system for use in courses and e-learning.

Graphics Achalasia and Reflux

Illustrations of the severity of achalasia and gastroesophageal reflux disease.


Project descriptions of productions

In this section we have described some of our projects in more detail. In particular, we presented the development process and the implementation challenges in more detail. You will also find some articles about the evaluation of technical processes.
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Cover scientific journal

For a publication in the peer-to-peer journal "Chemical Review", the University of Zurich entrusted the design of the cover of the journal to MedicalGraphics....

Anatomical 3D models in web browser

This article describes two more tools to present anatomical 3D models via webGL in the normal web browser. WebGL makes this possible any additional plugins.


List of our customers

Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt, Beiserdorf, Uniklinik Köln, Böhringer Ingelheim, Bayer Healthcare, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Wyeth Pharma, Publicis Vital PR, Papillion, Pentax GmbH, AOK, Qiagen, Sartorius Stedim, Paul Hartmann AG, Engelhard Arzneimittel, AQ Implants, Serviceplan, Orthoparc, McCann Enterprises, Biolitec, Bayer-Pharma, Financial Relations, Recucare, Universität Zürich, NGMedical, IST Studieninstitut, Wenzel.Consulting, Dr. Kraushaar, Deutsche Aligner Technik GmbH, CA-Digital, smileforyou, Janssen Schweiz, Sir Prise & Lady Buy, iThera Medical, Abbott Laboratories, Universitäts Spital Zürich, Krankenhaus Barmherzige Brüder Regensburg, Dr. Braess, Heidelberg Engineering, Immutep GmbH, P.J. Dahlhausen, AmpliActive, Technische Universität Dresden, UCB Belgien, Kurt Huettinger GmbH, Brandpepper, Janssen Cilag, Dr. Sanner, OPED, Dr. Gaisl, Orthoparc, Hannelore Kohl Stiftung, pfm medical, Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen, KW Medipoint, Dr. Z, Hothorn Dentalgroup, Primabiomed, Robert Bosch Krankenhaus, Adiphea, Uniklinikum Dresden, Dr. Röllig, Snapfilm, Klinikgruppe Hirslanden, AWP Healthcare, Norexpharm,, Klinge Pharma, Dr. Antonios Balangas, Ohropax, HBP GmbH, Yupik, Gams und Schrage Healthcare, Celgene, Engelhardt Arzneimittel, Dr. Molitor, Universitätsklinikum Giessen und Marburg - Pneumologie, St. Vincenz Gruppe, Onmeda, Institut für Humangenetik - Uniklinik Köln, goFeminin, Beiersdorf, ComConvers, InventiveHealth, Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz, Dr. Papadopoulos, Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf, Carls Hanser Verlag etc.

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