List of projects

In this category you will find a chronological list of all our projects in the areas of pharmaceutical communication, scientific publications, illustrations for advertisements, 3D models for apps, animations for patient information etc.


Treatment thyroid noduleswith laser fiber

Illustrations about the treatment of nodules in the thyroid gland.

Treatment of muscular imbalance

3D animation of a device for the treatment of muscular dysbalance of the shoulder

Photoacoustic examination intestine

Information film on monitoring therapy for inflammatory bowel diseases using photoacoustic tomography.

Rinsing function laser fiber

Illustrations for the treatment of varices using a special laser fiber with flushing function.

Priorin against hair loss

2D animation on hormonal, genetically determined hair loss in women.

Metabolic disorders in children.

Draft illustration for training patients on metabolic disorders in children.

Ulcus cruris venosum

Design of 8 drawn illustrations of different types of wounds for wound care products.

medical devices

Four illustrations of medical devices for use in surgery and diagnostics.

Acne Inversa - Severity Hurley I

Drawn medical illustrations on classification of severity levels of acne inversa disease.

Transperineal treatment by laser prostate carcinoma

Cover illustration of a transperineal laser fiber surgery for the treatment of protocarcinoma.

Cover Chemical Reviews

Design of a cover on the subject of "real-time breath analysis".

Intervertebral disc prosthesis with implant holder

Animation for the installation of the intervertebral disc prosthesis.

Peripheral nervous system

Medical illustrations and graphics for educational material.

Embryo 7th week of pregnancy

Development in the weeks of pregnancy 4 to 12.

Wound dressing RespoSorb

3D animation to build up the wound pad RespoSorb.

Laparoscopy: Endometriosis, ovarian cyst and adhesions

3D animation for a gynecological surgery in the form of a laparoscopy

Treatment genital wart

Medical illustration for the treatment of genital warts by laser.

Anatomy of the stomach

Medical graphic showing the anatomical structure of the stomach in a section view.

Ankylosing spondylitis

Medical graphics on various diseases of the spine

Dental splint - Aligner

Animations on the fields of application of aligners (dental splint) for tooth correction.

Tooth correction brackets

Animation for a two-stage tooth correction (bracket and aligner).

Anatomy of a cell

Medical graphic on the structures of the cell.

Treatment varicose veins

Illustration for the treatment of varicose veins by laser.

Anatomy of the colon

Illustration - anatomy of the colon.

LED hologram fans

Video sequences for the fair use of a display, whose rotating arms are covered with LED strips and which creates a kind of transparent holo effect of the animations.

Sandblasting tooth

Animations on various topics around the use of retainer in orthodontics.

Adrenal tumor

Creation of various medical 2D vector illustrations.

CLL lymph nodes

Illustrations on the mode of action of a BTK inhibitor in CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) on the B cells in the lymph nodes.

Gastric glands

Drawn medical graphic of the glands of the stomach mucosa.

Optoacoustic imaging - research patient

3D animation on the principle and applications of optoacoustic imaging.

Operation method electrode spinal cord

Illustrations for a publication on a surgical method for inserting an electrode for the treatment of chronic pain.

Esophageal varices

Creation of various illustrations on diseases of the liver.

Anatomy skull

Detailed anatomical illustrations of a human skull (cranium + mandible) from different views.


Illustrations of a human fetus shortly before birth.

Principles of cancer immunotherapy

Illustrations for a PowerPoint presentation on "Principles of Cancer Immunotherapy".

Anatomical drawing vertebrae

Anatomical drawing of a vertebral body (vertebra) with emphasis on the articular surfaces.