List of projects

In this category you will find a chronological list of all our projects in the areas of pharmaceutical communication, scientific publications, illustrations for advertisements, 3D models for apps, animations for patient information etc.


Pituitary gland

Illustration of the position of the pituitary gland (hypophysis) in the skull.

Perfusion catheter aortic arch

Illustration about a perfusion catheter in use on the aortic arch (Arcus aortae).

Tick card

Illustration of a tick removal with a tick card.

Serious Game - Unity3D

Serious game for a touch screen application at a medical congress.

Hip replacement

Illustrations for a surgery manual for endoprosthetic implants (hip replacement) for AQ Implants.

Antibiotic and bacteria

Illustration of the mode-of-action of an antibiotic on bacteria.

Symptome Mittelohrentz├╝ndung bei Babys

Information film about the subject middle ear infection (Otitis media) in babies and children.

Vascular prosthesis

Illustration of a vascular prosthesis in an artery.

Laboratory equipment

3D animations for a Flash based application shown on a trade fair info terminal. Focus of the application were the presentation and technical context of various laboratory devices from Sartorius Stedim.


Illustration of the periodontium showing the anchoring of a tooth in the jaw

Antibiotic on cell wall

Illustration of the antibiotic "tyrosur" and the effect of its components tyrocidin + gramicidin on the cell wall of a bacterium.

Infographic cesarean

Infographics on the occurrence of cesarean

Sleep apnea

Illustration of the cause of obstructive sleep apnea.


Illustrations for a print campaign by Prospan (Engelhard) on the subject of cough.

Histological structure thyroid gland

Illustration of the histological structure of the thyroid gland. Visualization of thyroid cells, thyroid follicles and blood vessels.

Stages cervical cancer

Illustrations of the development of cervical cancer and the Pap Smear test for early detection.

Circulatory system

Schematic illustration of the two circulatory systems of the blood, ie the pulmonary circulation (small circulation) and the body circulation (large circulation).

Surfer - Unity 3D

Scenery and character animation for a serious game with Unity 3D. A Wii balance board was used as input device to control the movements of the surfer.

Pap smear

Illustration of a pap smear at cervix uteri for a diagnosis of HPV (human papillomavirus). Illustration of a biopsy sampling at cervix.

Effects of cold on bronchi

Illustrations of the effect of a common cold on the bronchi for a print campaign by Prospan (Engelhard).

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Illustration about the causes of a carpal tunnel syndrome, ie the damage of the hand nerves by a swelling or inflammation at the carpal tunnel.


Illustration of a urine test (urine test strips).

Transformation zone cervix

Illustration of a histological section of the transformation zone of the cervix during a smear.

Vertebral column

Illustration "anatomy of the spine". Illustration of the sections of the spinal column and the structure of vertebral segments and discs.

Hand anatomy

Illustration of the anatomy of the human hand with skeleton, vessels, nerves, ligaments and tendons.

Cell transformation HPV

Illustration of a uterine cell compared to cell transformed by HPV (human papillom viruses)

Immune defense

Medical illustrations of the two parts of the immune system: innate general (unspecific) defense and acquired specialized (adaptive) defense.

Tonsils anatomy

Illustration about the position of the tonsils (tonsils).

Anatomy joint

Schematic illustration of the anatomy of a joint showing the joint capsule, articular gap, articular cartilage, bones and muscles.

Anatomy of the kidney

Illustration of the anatomy of the kidney in with ureter, kidney capsule, kidney cortex, kidney, renal vein and renal artery.

Contraceptive loop

3D animation about the "application and mode-of-action of a contraceptive loop".

Eye pressure - glaucoma

Illustration of the anatomy of the eye and the role of the eye pressure for the development of a glaucoma.

Pinball 3D

Real-Time 3D pinball game for medical fair (Unity 3D).

Cerebral hemispheres

Illustrations of the allocation of the body regions to the respective cerebral hemispheres.

Partial denture

Illustrations of a dental prosthesis - example showing of a partial denture.

Prevention melanoma

Illustrations on the criterias for the detection of demal changes in a skin cancer (melanoma).