List of projects

In this category you will find a chronological list of all our projects in the areas of pharmaceutical communication, scientific publications, illustrations for advertisements, 3D models for apps, animations for patient information etc.


Anatomy of the brain

Illustrations on the anatomy of the brain in with the cerebrum, phlegm, thalamus, hypothalamus, hypophysis, cerebellum.

Nerve strand

Illustrations of the nervous system. Visualization of a nerve strand with nerve bundles and supplying blood vessels.

Paranasal sinuses

Medical illustrations of paranasal sinuses and their position in the body.


Illustration of a microscope including microscopic pictures of propagating bacteria.

Blood circuits heart

Illustration of blood circulation of the two blood circuits of the heart. Illustration of the heart in the 4-chamber view (atrium and ventricle).

Osteoarthritis knee

Illustrations of the different stages of osteoarthritis in the knee joint.

Pressure ulcer

Illustrations about the most affected areas of bedsore.

Anaglyph 3D video

Stereoscopic 3D film about fat metabolism of the body using anaglyph technique (red cyan glasses)


Illustrations of a histological image of a metastasizing tumor in human skin.

Ankle joint

Illustrations of the tendons and position of the ankle joint.

Intestinal villi

Illustration of healthy and diseased intestinal villi within an ileitis infection


Medical illustration of a melanocyte (pigment cell) in the basal layer (stratum basale) and the spinal layer (stratum spinosum) of the skin.

Myelinated nerve fibers

3D animation about pathological changes of nerve fibers caused by diabetes. Presentation Nerve types (medullary and non-medullated nerve fibers).


Medical illustration of a "Frozen Shoulder", a painful shoulder stiffness.

Varicose veins

Illustrations on the anatomical changes of veins and venous valves in varicose (varices). Visualization of the insufficiency of the venous valves with blood reflux.

Niacin and cholesterol

3D animation on the effect of niacin on cholesterol: lowering LDL cholesterol, Lp (a) and triglycerides and increasing HDL cholesterol.

Female abdomen

3D animation of the anatomy of female abdomen with illustration of skeleton, vessels, intestine, uterus and bladder.

Anatomie skin

Illustration of the anatomie of the skin showing the hair follicles and hair follicles and sebaceous gland.


Medical illustration of skin changes in psoriasis.

Pregnancy fetus

3D animation on embryology, development and oxygen and nutrients supply of the fetus through the placenta.

Male abdomen

Illustration of the anatomy of the male abdomen in the sagittal section (bladder, prostate, penis, testis, vas deferens, epididymis, urethra).

Gastric wall

Animation of the absorption processes off the stomach wall. Presentation of the secondary cells with nerves and supplying blood vessels.

Atopic eczema

Illustration of changes in the skin structure due to atopic dermatitis - reduction of lipids and penetration of pathogens by damaged skin barrier.

Peristaltic bowel

Medical animation of pyshiological processes during digestion.

Intrauterine device

3D animation about an intrauterine device (position, release and effect of the hormones).

Arthritis knee

Illustrations on arthritis of the hand and the knee at various stages of the disease.


Illustration of a fertilized egg (blastogenesis) and the subsequent division processes.

Lymphatic system breasts

Illustrations of lymphatics and lymph nodes in the female breast.

Nerve fibers

Comparison of the anatomy of unmyelinated (marked) and myelinated (medullated) nerve fibers.


Medical illustrations about brachytherapy in treatment of prostate cancer for a health portal (implantation of radiation sources (seeds) into the prostate under ultrasound control).

Leg veins

Animation of the individual groups of the leg veins (deep veins, superficial veins, perforating veins).

Localization video

Localization in German language and conversion of the original film "Effect of antibiotic Cubicin" from PAL to 16:9.

Insulin therapy

Medical animation for patient education on the subject of insulin therapy (German  + English).

Menstrual cycle

Schematic illustration of the menstrual cycle with focus on the changes in the structure of the uterine lining in the monthly cycle (depending on the presence of progesterone and estrogen).

Thyroid disease

3D animation about the thyroid gland overfunction and under-function and the effects of taking iodine.

Blood vessel application

3D models for an application for a terminal at a medical trade fair. In this "serious game" the viewer traveles through a blood vessel and the application explains different processes in the vessel and on the vessel wall.