List of projects

In the following article we have listed the most of our project in recent years in a chronological order.

A brief overview of our clients: Böhringer Ingelheim, Bayer Healthcare, Wyeth Pharma, McCann Enterprises, Publicis Vital PR, Papillion, Paul Hartmann AG, Pentax GmbH, AOK, Qiagen, Sartorius Stedim, Engelhard Arzneimittel, A&Q Implants, Orthoparc, Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt, Beiserdorf, Serviceplan, Uniklinik Köln, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin etc.

The rights of use of the pictures shown below are with our clients. The use of the pictures is not permitted.

Cancer therapy - IPad

3D animation cancer therapy IPad.


Illustration of a treatment of a myoma with laser fibers.


Illustration of a monocyte: a cell of the immune system from which feeding cells (macrophages) develop.

Cervical polyp

Illustration of a cervical polyp.

Efferent stimulation conduction

3D animation about the efferent stimulation system for the control of muscles.

Antibodies immunotherapy

Comparison of different approaches in immunotherapy.

Neuropathic toothache

Medical images and animations for a lecture on causes of toothache and neuropathic pain.

Septate uterus

Illustration of an uterus septate.

Infographic compression therapy

Infographics illustrating the processes in compression therapy for vascular disease.

Ultrasound - Prostate

Medical vector illustrations on the topic of prostate cancer.

Anatomy hand

IPad application about the effects of a enthesitis disease on the anatomy of the human hand.

Anatomy of the skeletal muscle

3D animation for the anatomy of the transverse muscle (skeletal muscle).

Myoma surgery

Illustrations of the hysteroscopic removal of a myoma from the uterus using a laser fiber.

Endoprosthetics - sexuality

Eleven vector illustrations for an information brochure on "Sexuality after an endoprosthetic procedure" for an orthopedic clinic in Cologne.


3D animation for a patient information film about the early detection of concussion.

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