Project presentation

Here you can find a more detailed description of some of our illustration and animation projects on medical topics. The focus here is on the description of the task and an explanation of the design approach and the process in the technical realization.

Cover scientific journal

For a publication in the peer-to-peer journal "Chemical Review", the University of Zurich entrusted the design of the cover of the journal to MedicalGraphics. The illustration should illustrate an article on "Online Exhaled Breath Analysis".

webGL Verge3D

This article describes two more tools to present anatomical 3D models via webGL in the normal web browser. WebGL makes this possible any additional plugins.

Mode-of-action cancer immunotherapy

In the field of cancer research great hopes lay on new developments in cancer immunotherapy. The international biotechnology company Prima BioMed based in Sydney and Berlin is engaged in the development of drugs to strengthen the immune response in cancer. Prima BioMed requierd imagery for its medicine IMP321, whose approval is currently being tested in clinical trials.

Bewegungsapparat Animationen WebGL

For trainings and courses in fitness and sports the IST-Studieninstitut looked for animations of the musculoskeletal system. The films should explain muscle and joint groups responsible of individual movements and should be used in online courses and trainigs. The IST-Studieninstitut was founded in 1989 and has its headquarters in Düsseldorf and focuse son training on the areas of fitness, sport and management, wellness and health.

Musculoskeletal animation WebGL

Two projects of Medical Graphics used 3D PDFs to discuss the anatomical structures of 3D models in dialogue with the client. This method has the advantage that the models can be defined more precisely as this would be possible e.g. with pictures. The possibility to explore the 3D models as part of his lectures and trainings convinced the client so much, that the 3D PDFs eventually became a part of the final project.


Illustrationen medizinische Fachpublikationen

The process of creating illustrations for scientific, medical publications often demands a special approach in the realization. Such publications almost always deals with a very special aspect of a field of knowledge. The possibility of usage of external sources for incorporation into the subject is only limited. The thematic depth and specialization of the content makes a close collaboration with the author mostly indispensable.


The customer needed for an upcoming medical conference an application on the "impact of metabolic disorder in type 2 diabetes". The issue should not be treated with a linear 3D animation, but an interactive VR application to allow a journey into the body.


New HTML5-capable web browsers are using WebGL to display real-time 3D models without the usage of additional plugins. This eliminates the hurdle of a special plugin to install like Flash or Unity3D and is therefore interesting for many applications.
To test the possibilities, we implemented some of our anatomical 3D models via Sketchfab (


The Hirslanden AG is a hospital group in Switzerland consisting of 14 hospitals with more than 7,000 employees. For the information of their patients before surgery, the hospital group was planning the use of patient films to explain the topic of anesthesia. In collaboration with Snap Film AG we created an explanatory film, which showed the common techniques used during anesthesia, as well as the possible risks.


We created for a renowned manufacturer of diabetes diagnostic devices, some 3D animation of their latest blood glucose meters. These films should be shown at exhibitions and conferences on big-screen monitors, but should also be used by sales representatives on IPADs. Due to the different requirements, varying concepts were designed and implemented.