Project presentation

Here you can find a more detailed description of some of our illustration and animation projects on medical topics. The focus here is on the description of the task and an explanation of the design approach and the process in the technical realization.


Biolitec AG is a leading manufacturer of medical laser primarily for minimally invasive laser treatments. Its products include laser devices and fibers for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement, removal of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, and laser devices for surgical applications and the areas aesthetics, orthopedics and ENT. For a new series of information brochures Medical Graphics created high-resolution illustrations.


The St.VincenzGruppe with 2,200 employees and 1067 beds support various hospitals and health centers in the Ruhrgebiet. To explain the complex surgical intervention of the "complete laparoscopic, thoracoscopic Ivor Lewis esophagectomy" the St. Anna Hospital Herne required a way to explain the procedure to patients. Also Dr. Albayrak as the leading surgeon wanted a way to show his procedure at educational events and lectures. Within this surgery the esophagus is partically removed and parts of the stomach take over its function.


 Within a video production covering the effects of different substances on human lipometabolism, our client wanted an anaglyph, stereoscopic version of the film. He decided to use red/cyan glasses for the video to be able to use the video in as many purposes as possible and avoid more expensive solutions like shutter or polarized glasses.

Orthopedic surgical guide

The AQ Implants GmbH wanted to illustrate their orthopedic surgical guide with pictures of their revision endoprosthesis to describe different surgical procedures. For this purpose, MedicalGraphics produced a series of illustrations showing the surgical steps required during the installation of an orthopedic implant. In particular, the anatomical and spatial correctness was of essential importance.


AQ Implants GmbH is a young company in the field of revision arthroplasty with long experience in this area. The development of special structures is one of the core competence of the AQ Implants. For OP instructions and various marketing projects, AQ Implants required a series of illustrations.

Together with Engelhard Arzneimittel, MedicalGraphics developed two illustrations on the mode of action of the antibiotic tyrosur. In the following we describe the process, which was characterized in particular by the communication with the medical consultants.


Boehringer-Ingelheim is the biggest pharmaceutical research company in Germany. BI works in research, development and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Boehringer-Ingelheim needed a gauze for its fair booth on the Eurotier-fair illustrating an Ileitis infection.This disease is triggered in the bowel of a pig through the Lawsonia intracellulari bacteria but can be treated with a vaccine.

labratory infoterminal

SartoriusStedim is a leading global provider of laboratory and process technology for the biotech, pharmaceutical and food industries. For a Flash presentation application Sartorius wanted a visualization of a laboratory model to demonstrate the interaction of its product lines. In a linear animation, the camera should move from product to product, and at each of these stops the user should have the ability to access additional information.

human thyroid gland

 Publicis Health is part of the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group (PHCG) - the biggest, international healthcare-network with 2.700 employees world wide.
For an information campaign covering hyperthyroidism for one of its clients Publicis needed a film in PAL-TV resolution, to explain the main aspects of this disease in an easy and appealing way. The film would be broadcast on TV and also on the Internet.


Wyeth Pharma is one of the top ten pharmaceutic companies world wide and is working mainly in research, development and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Since 2009 Wyeth Pharma is part of Pfizer Inc.
As part of a planned print campaign for Wyeth Pharma, in cooperation with DraftFCB MedicalGraphics created different illustrations of an ovum. One of the main requirements was a realistic but artistic appealing illustration of an ovum in different degrees of maturity.