Boehringer-Ingelheim is the biggest pharmaceutical research company in Germany. BI works in research, development and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Boehringer-Ingelheim needed a gauze for its fair booth on the Eurotier-fair illustrating an Ileitis infection.This disease is triggered in the bowel of a pig through the Lawsonia intracellulari bacteria but can be treated with a vaccine.

Stoffbanner Messe BoehringerThe illustrations were printed on a huge gauze on one side of the booth, to give visitors a quick idea of this infection. Our ambition was to elaborate the effects of this disease in a medically correct but simple to understand manner and also to create an compelling illustration. Three illustrations were created to explain the key stages of the disease.

Detailansicht Text Darmzotten

After the development of some sketches the 3D models were created and the images were rendered using different render-layers to have maximum control in post-production. Here the final illustrations where

renderelements villi

created. Text and other elements were added and the gauze was printed in a special printing house and delivered to the booth builder.