Projects 2009

In this category we show all our projects in the field of medical visualization from the year 2009 in chronological order.

Anatomy joint

Schematic illustration of the anatomy of a joint showing the joint capsule, articular gap, articular cartilage, bones and muscles.

Anatomy of the kidney

Illustration of the anatomy of the kidney in with ureter, kidney capsule, kidney cortex, kidney, renal vein and renal artery.

Contraceptive loop

3D animation about the "application and mode-of-action of a contraceptive loop".

Eye pressure - glaucoma

Illustration of the anatomy of the eye and the role of the eye pressure for the development of a glaucoma.

Pinball 3D

Real-Time 3D pinball game for medical fair (Unity 3D).

Cerebral hemispheres

Illustrations of the allocation of the body regions to the respective cerebral hemispheres.

Partial denture

Illustrations of a dental prosthesis - example showing of a partial denture.

Prevention melanoma

Illustrations on the criterias for the detection of demal changes in a skin cancer (melanoma).

Anatomy of the brain

Illustrations on the anatomy of the brain in with the cerebrum, phlegm, thalamus, hypothalamus, hypophysis, cerebellum.

Nerve strand

Illustrations of the nervous system. Visualization of a nerve strand with nerve bundles and supplying blood vessels.

Paranasal sinuses

Medical illustrations of paranasal sinuses and their position in the body.


Illustration of a microscope including microscopic pictures of propagating bacteria.

Blood circuits heart

Illustration of blood circulation of the two blood circuits of the heart. Illustration of the heart in the 4-chamber view (atrium and ventricle).

Osteoarthritis knee

Illustrations of the different stages of osteoarthritis in the knee joint.

Pressure ulcer

Illustrations about the most affected areas of bedsore.

Anaglyph 3D video

Stereoscopic 3D film about fat metabolism of the body using anaglyph technique (red cyan glasses)


Illustrations of a histological image of a metastasizing tumor in human skin.

Ankle joint

Illustrations of the tendons and position of the ankle joint.