Anatomical illustrations of the human muscular system.

Pictures of the muscles of a male and female figure from different perspectives with different focus (complete figure, front torso, back etc.). In each case a view in a "medical textbook" style and a view on a dark background with fading out the skin and exposing the muscle structures was created.

Content: 36 illustrations

Utilization: Website and picture agencies

Specifications: 7019*4964 Pixel

Client: MedicalGraphics

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with MedicalGraphics.

You will find these illustrations in a smaller version with a watermark in our section "Free Pictures". These can freely be used commercially under a Creative Commons license. Please note the terms of use.

Back muscles woman

Back muscles woman


Muscles man - view at an angle below

Muscles man - view at angle below


Leg muscles man from the front

Leg muscles man from the front