Animated film about the functionality of multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) and its applications. Through this form of optoacoustic imaging tissue is stimulated by a laser, resulting in acoustic effects which can then be detected by an ultrasound device. Through different frequencies of the laser light, different types of tissue can be stimulated and visualized. This technology makes it easy to detect tumors and inflammatory diseases without the need for invasive surgery.

Content: 1 animations

Utilization: Website, congresses, Youtube, presentations

Specifications: Full-HD, english Voice-Over, 2:45 Min

Client: iThera Medical

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Animation: "Optoacoustic Imaging in Biomedical Research | iThera Medical"

Link to the animation "Optoacoustic Imaging in Biomedical Research | iThera Medical" on Youtube


 optoakustische bildgebung

Use of the ultrasound scanner with laser unit on the patient


frequenzabhaengige ausdehnung blutgefaess

Frequency dependent stimulation of tissue - oxygenated blood

  scan kammer praeklinische forschung

MSOT InVision in use in preclinical research


ultraschall laser

Visualization of the detector unit on the ultrasonic head


erythrozyten blutgefaess

Erythrocytes in the blood vessel


geraete ithera optoakustische bildgebung

Overview of the product range of iThera Medical



opto akustischer scan hautoberflaeche

Optoacoustic examination of the skin with a RSOM Explorer P50 in preclinical research


storyboard optoakustische bildgebung

Storyboard 3D animation on optoacoustic imaging


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