Designing a series of illustrations of the developmental cycle of the embryo and fetus during the various weeks of pregnancy in humans (SSW4 to SSW12).

Content: 8 illustrations

Utilization: Website and picture agencies

Specifications: 7019*4964 Pixel

Client: MedicalGraphics

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embryo morula

Embryo - Morula (4th day after fertilization)


embryo blastozyste

Embryo - Blastocyst in a sectional view (5th day after fertilization)


embryo dritte woche 3

Embryo in the 3rd week of pregnancy


embryo sechste woche 6

Embryo in the 6th week of pregnancy


embryo siebte woche 7

Embryo in the 7th week of pregnancy


foetus achte woche 8

Fetus in the 8th week of pregnancy


foetus zehnte woche 10

Fetus in the 10th week of pregnancy


foetus zwölfte woche 12

Fetus in the 12th week of pregnancy


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