During this procedure, a network is anchored via a vaginal access in the sacrospinal ligament and the internal obturator muscle. The net supports the pelvic floor and prevents prolapse of the uterus. The individual surgical steps are explained in the surgical manual for the product and illustrated with photos and the illustrations created by MedicalGraphics.


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palpation ligamentum sacrospinale

Palpation of the sacrospinal ligament


mesh anchor ligamentum sacrospinale

Anchoring of the mesh implant to the sacrospinal ligament


mesh pelvic floor

Fully installed mesh implant to support the pelvic floor


positioning patient pelvis floor surgery

Positioning of the patient during a surgical procedure to insert a mesh implant to support the pelvic floo

tool ligamentum sacrospinale

Tool for anchoring the pelvic floor network in the sacrospinal ligament

tool m obturator internus

Tool for anchoring the pelvic floor network in the internal obturator muscle



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