Projects 2021

In this category we show all our projects in the field of medical visualization from the year 2021 in chronological order.

Immune cells damage the body's own cells

3D animation on immune system dysfunction.

Skin replacement fish skin

3D MOA animation about a skin replacement made of fish skin.

Wrist osteoarthritis - Stage 4

Illustrations of the four stages of osteoarthritis of the wrist.

Face Capture IOS

Design of avatars for an IOS application for motion and face capturing.

Keyvisual Anterion

Design of a key visual for the Anterion system from Heidelberg for corneal topography and tomography.

Lern-App Anatomie

Concept and design of content for a mobile app "Anatomy Atlas".

Alfieri stitch - surgery for mitral valve regurgitation

Illustrations of reduction of mitral regurgitation by suturing the mitral valve leaflets (modified Alfieri stitch).

Mutation MDR1

Graphic showing the causes and effects of a gene defect in multidrug resistance protein-1 in some dog breeds.

 Omphalocele with omphalomesenteric duct

Illustration for a publication about an umbilical cord hernia of a newborn.

Sagittal section eye with nAMD

Design of illustrations for age-related wet macular degeneration (nAMD).

Muscle insertions knee - front

Illustrations and interactive app on the muscle attachments of the knee.

Aligner front

Design of illustrations for aligner therapy to correct misaligned teeth.

Insertion of a suture through the damaged supraspinatus using the Scorpion tool

Illustrations of the surgical steps of an arthroscopic reconstruction of the rotator cuff.