Our services in the design of antomic illustrations, medical animations and health care apps:

Do you search medical pictures for one of your projects? Realistic, schematic or drawn? MedicalGraphics offers illustrations in various styles for use in projects of different kind. In this section we present the possibilities, show examples and illuminate the process of an illustration project.

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Information about medical animations

Are you interested in a medical animation? 3D animation or 2D animated information movie? We offer various options. In this section we show some examples, describe the process of an animation production and list "frequently asked questions", which appear regularly in the run-up to an animation project.

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Information about medical apps

Are you interested in the possibilities of medical apps or are you looking for an experienced graphic content designer for your app project? Internet application, augmented reality or virtual reality app for mobile devices? For use at a trade show or congress or on the field sales iPads? In this section we show some options and show some example projects.

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