Illustration Candidiasis

Illustration of oral candidiasis affecting the tongue. This fungal infection of the oral mucosa is caused by yeasts.


Design of an illustration of oral candidiasis, also known as “oral thrush”. This is a fungal infection of the oral cavity caused by yeasts (Candida yeasts). The trigger is usually “Candida albicans”. Such a fungal infection is usually harmless and often occurs as a side effect of illnesses or medical treatments that have weakened the immune system.

Project description:

The illustration shows a tongue in the lower jaw in a top view. The plaque on the tongue has been removed using a wooden spatula, revealing the characteristic inflamed areas underneath.

The illustration is used in the publication “Pathophysiological microenvironments in oral candidiasis” to illustrate the disease.

Project details illustrationen Candidiasis

Content: 1 illustration

Use: Publication in scientific journal

Use: Article in scientific journal
-> Link to publication “Pathophysiological microenvironments in oral candidiasis”

Specs: DIN A4, 300 dpi

Client: Mette Rose Jørgensen / Københavns Universitet

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Candidiasis – fungus tongue