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MedicalGraphics is mainly active in the fields of medical illustration and animation. We also create graphic content for medical apps.

Here you will find further information on the subject areas with information on frequently asked questions and our workflow.

Information on medical illustrations:

Animationen Chirurgie

Use cases medical illustration

Publications without imaging in print or web are hard to imagine. Especially with medical issues, it is not easy to find adequate and appealing illustrations for the topic or find suitable images to explain complex structures. We present here some of the typical applications of our medical illustrations.

Information on medical animations:

Information on medical apps:

E-Detailing Aussendienst

Best practice – apps

Defining a procedure for the production of any interactive application is very difficult due to the range of possibilities. However, some core steps might be required in almost every production. To create these interactive applications, or apps, we work with experienced developers. Of course, working with developers of your choice is also possible.


Use cases medical apps

For real-time 3D applications are a whole range of tools are available. Depending on the application, the use of Unity3D, Unreal, WebGL/HTML5 etc. may be useful.