Customized medical animations

MedicalGraphics is specialized on the individual design and conception of medical animations. We create medical animations e.g. on the mode of action of preparations, surgical interventions, the application and functioning of medical devices or for the information of patients etc.

How much do medical animations cost?.

Especially in the design and production of medical animations, the effort between different projects can vary greatly. This depends on the type of animation, the number of language versions, the complexity and length of the animation and the number of scenes in the film. This means that a general statement about the costs and production time of an animation, which then applies equally to every project, cannot be made reliably. However, from our experience we can say that the costs for a medical/anatomical animation of about 3 minutes length are often in the range of 5000-15000€.

In order to be able to answer your request as accurately as possible, we have prepared a series of preliminary questions, the answers to which will help us greatly in making an estimate. We will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate or a concrete offer.

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