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The use of 3D animation is particularly suitable for areas in which it is difficult to present facts using photos or video recordings, or which are simply unappealing or even daunting. Both are true for dentistry.

In a dental 3D animation, processes can be visualized much more clearly, since non-essential elements can simply be omitted. As an example, the upper and lower jaw can be shown without surrounding cheeks or by omitting the representation of hands and tools, the actual process can be visualized much more clearly. Extreme close-ups can bring the action clearly into focus. By designing the materials and lighting the scene, a style of animation can be found that presents the content in an appealing and aesthetic way.

Animations in the area of dentistry can be used once to inform patients before a procedure, both as an explanatory aid for the dentist or oral surgeon, or also for use on the website. For the manufacturers of implants or dental tools, the use at trade fairs and congresses or, of course, in the context of PowerPoint presentations is ideal. Animations of innovative products still in development can explain their functions and concepts before they are actually produced, for example to interest investors.


Dental findings and the resulting interventions can be visualized in an animation. This includes treatments from cariology, endodontics, periodontics and oral surgery. New techniques and tools can be displayed and compared with classical procedures.


Animations about dentures can show the differences between the various types available (such as bridges, crowns, implants, veneers, etc.) and also explain which type is appropriate for which dental situation. Likewise, the process of installation can be visualized.


There are various methods and techniques for correcting malocclusions. Here, for example, the differences of a tooth correction by using aligners or brackets can be explained. Of course, the whole process of orthodontic measures can also be explained clearly.

Example projects dental 3D animations: