Animations eLearning


The use of animations in medical eLearning can be a very helpful component in didactics for conveying complex and abstract subject matter. Medical illustration or even interactive apps for a better understanding of anatomy can additionally be a valuable addition to an eLeaning course. Education and training Medical eLearnings can be an important tool for […]

Animations surgery

Animationen Chirurgie

Surgical interventions are a sequence of complex measures to be carried out precisely. Whereas classical surgery can still be depicted and explained by photo or film, it is very difficult to depict the processes of minimally invasive procedures in a comprehensible way. Another aspect is of course the acceptance of a film of a medical […]

Animations patient information

Animations are helpful in explaining a diagnosed disease to patients, describing an upcoming intervention, or communicating the next steps in therapy. For this purpose, a drawn, comic-like style is often chosen to provide content in a way that is as “light” as possible and less daunting. The focus of this type of animation is less […]

Dental animations

The use of 3D animation is particularly suitable for areas in which it is difficult to present facts using photos or video recordings, or which are simply unappealing or even daunting. Both are true for dentistry. In a dental 3D animation, processes can be visualized much more clearly, since non-essential elements can simply be omitted. […]

Healthcare animations

Under the large heading of “Healthcare” we have grouped together projects that do not fit under the categories of medical technology, MOA films, patient films, etc. The animation sequences shown are mainly examples from the areas of general patient care and wound care. Wound care Wounds are a difficult subject to depict visually. The visualization […]

Mode-Of-Action animations

Especially for topics dealing with physiological or cellular processes, 3D animations are the tool of choice. Through this, abstract and possibly very complex processes can be explained to the viewer. Through the medium of 3D animation, the otherwise invisible processes inside the body can be staged in an impressive visual world. MOA animations A mode-of-action […]

Animations medical technology

3D animations can attractively showcase new developments and products from the medical technology sector and convey their key features. Often the client already has 3D CAD data from the design of the devices and products, which of course simplifies the realization of such an animation project. The film above shows sequences from projects on optoacoustic […]