The rights of use of the video sequences lie either with MedicalGraphics – Michael Hoffmann or with the respective clients. Music Ian Alex Mac – Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

Under the large heading of “Healthcare” we have grouped together projects that do not fit under the categories of medical technology, MOA films, patient films, etc. The animation sequences shown are mainly examples from the areas of general patient care and wound care.

Wound care

Wounds are a difficult subject to depict visually. The visualization in the form of an aestheticized 3D animation can be much more appealing than, for example, a live-action film. Also the processes in the wound can be shown excellently by using an animated 3D film.


Something similar to wound treatment applies to the area of homecare. In addition to visualizing the use and effect of aids and products to improve the quality of life of patients, basic care concepts can also be taught.

Medical products

Of course, 3D animations can also be used to explain the handling of other medical devices, to convey key features or simply to be used in a product video to introduce a new development.

Example projects 3D animations Healthcare: