Animation wound dressing Suprasorb A Pro

3D animation of the core advantages of the Suprasorb A Pro wound dressing.

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The wound dressing “Suprasorb A Pro” is a calcium alginate wound dressing. Calcium alginate is a type of wound dressing that is made from seaweed. It is often used to treat wounds that produce a lot of exudate, or drainage. When the dressing comes into contact with exudate, it forms a gel-like substance, which can help to keep the wound moist and promote healing. Calcium alginate dressings are also highly absorbent, so they can help to manage excess drainage and reduce the risk of infection.

Calcium alginate dressings are available in different shapes and sizes to fit various types of wounds. They can be cut to fit the wound and are generally easy to apply and remove. They are also suitable for use on wounds with irregular edges or those that are difficult to dress.

In addition to helping to manage exudate and promoting healing, calcium alginate dressings may also provide some pain relief to the wound site. They are generally well tolerated by patients and are suitable for use on a wide range of wound types, including burns, leg ulcers, and surgical wounds.


The wound dressing “Suprasorb A Pro” consists of calcium alginate fibers reinforced with cellulose fibers to make the dressing tear-resistant and stable. This allows easier application and removal. The cellulose also provides effective exudate management – bacteria and cellular debris are bound within the dressing. Additionally, the dressing releases calcium ions, which activates clotting factors and accelerates wound healing.

For Lohmann and Rauscher, we first created a storyboard in which we worked out the above core features of “Suprasorb A Pro”. In the next step, 3D models of the scenes and objects were created, for example for the wound in a section view, a leg with a typical wound and the wound dressing itself in a dry state and after application.

In the next step, layout animations were created, these are preliminary versions of the final animation with voice recordings already integrated. With these layout animations the final sequence was discussed with the customer Lohmann and Rauscher and finally the final animation was calculated.

In a final step, the different versions of the animation were created. These were versions of the animation with German and English voice recordings and versions with German and English subtitles.

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Content: Mode-Of Action animation wound dressing

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Screenshots Suprasorb A Pro

exudate management wound dressing
Exudate management of Suprasorb A Pro
hemostasis wound pad
Hemostatic effect of Suprasorb A Pro
keyvisual calcium alginate wound dressing suprasorb a pro
Animation of the key visual of “Suprasorb A Pro”
Easy removal of wound dressing Suprasorb A Pro