3D model pelvic floor for web browsers

Design of an anatomical interactive 3D model of the female pelvic floor for use in a web browser for training and education.


Incorrect training, if not performed properly, can in certain cases affect the pelvic floor structures of female athletes. As part of the “Actitud” educational initiative, the aim is to raise awareness of the issue among female athletes. In addition, affected female athletes can work on improving pelvic floor function using a mobile app.

Project description:

For the “Fundació Institut d’Investigació Sanitaria Illes Balears” we created an anatomical 3D model of the female pelvic floor. This was integrated into the website in the form of a webGL application and is also used in training courses. The main task of the 3D model is to convey basic anatomical knowledge in order to better understand disorders and possible therapy measures.

Within the app, the model of the pelvic floor can be rotated and enlarged. The most important anatomical structures are given names. Since the various structures of the pelvic floor overlap, the 3D application includes the option of hiding various layers so that all structures can be viewed. In addition to the Spanish version of the application, an English version was created and also a version that shows the Latin names of the structures.

Link to the website of the initiative (spanish):


Link to 3D model (fullscreen – spanish):


Project Details 3D Model Pelvic Floor Internet Browser

Content: interactive, anatomical model of the pelvic floor – three language versions

Usage: Website, trainings

Specifications: webGL 3D model for use in the Internet browser

Client: Fundació Institut d’Investigació Sanitaria Illes Balears

The rights of use of the graphic material shown here belong to the client, use is not permitted. Images and video are protected with watermarks.

Screencast 3D model pelvic floor Internet browser:

Rights of use of the visual material: Fundació Institut d’Investigació Sanitaria Illes Balears
Music: Kevin McLeod – Impact prelude – License: Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0)

Screenshots 3D model pelvic floor Internet browser:

3D Modell Anatomie Beckenboden Frau - Screenshot Internetbrowser
3D model anatomy pelvic floor woman – screenshot internet browser