Medical illustrations “Causes of back pain”

Project description of illustrations of the causes of back pain.

The HBP Health Care Agency required for one of its customers various illustrations of the causes of back pain. Their customer provides painkillers, which are particularly effective for back disorders. For various measures illustrations of specific disorders of the spine should be used.

The project consisted of eight subjects: Spinal stenosis occurs frequently in the elderly. A narrowing of the spinal canal in the lumbar spine thereby irritates the spinal cord and backache arises. Spondylolisthesis was shown by the example of a fracture of a vertebral arch – the affected vertebral segment slides forward (anterior), the resulting instability of the spine causes discomfort.Spinal stenosis

In the lumbar radiculopathy due to a herniated disc, the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc and presses on the ventral root of the spinal nerve. This is causing pain in the affected person. In the Failed back syndrome the cause of the pain is a past (unsuccessful) back surgery. In this illlustration the severely damaged intervertebral disc irritates the spinal cord. The focus of Illustration bone metastases was to show the result of a cancer growth in the vertebrae, which exert pressure on the spinal cord.

In the illustration for osteoporosis as a cause of back pain, the disease-related changes in bone structure were illustrated in a sectional view. Fractures can be seen on the vertebraespondylarthrosis and damage to the intervertebral discs. Due to this instability, parts of the vertebrae put pressure on the spinal cord. In the illustration to the spondylarthrosis the degeneration of the vertebral bodies and their broadening and compression was shown. Due to the pressure on the intervertebral disc, the spinal cord is irritated. A further illustration shows the growth of nerves in the area between a damaged intervertebral disc and the vertebral body.

The style of the illustrations should be adapted to existing graphics and the overall graphics of the product.

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Radiculopathy – herniated disc