Animation Latarjet procedure

Animation about Latarjet shoulder joint stabilization surgery. Fixation of the coracoid on the front side of the shoulder joint.
Latarjet procedure shoulder stability (for a description please activate subtitles in the player).

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Music: Kevin McLeod – Impact prelude – License: Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0)


Latarjet procedure, also known as the Latarjet-Bristow procedure, is a surgical procedure to stabilize the shoulder joint in patients with repeated shoulder dislocations, chronic instability of the shoulder joint, or damage to the glenoid joint.

Project description:

For use in doctor-patient communication and on the website of the SportClinic Zurich, we concepted and designed an animation for Latarjet surgery to improve shoulder stability.

A dislocated shoulder can lead to instability of the shoulder and injuries to the glenoid cavity. To stabilize the shoulder, the coracoid process is separated from the scapula during Latarjet procedure. The subscapularis muscle overlying the shoulder joint is split and the coracoid process is fixed to the front of the shoulder joint through the opening. This closes the damaged joint capsule, provides a dynamic sling effect and enlarges the glenoid cavity.

Project details animation Latarjet procedure

Content: 1 Animation

Usage: Website, doctor-patient communication

Technical: Full-HD, german Voiceover, music, lenght ~2:00 min

Client: Happy Content / Sportclinic Zürich

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Screenshots animation Latarjet procedure:

Unstable shoulder with glenoid injury
Separating coracoid process
Separating coracoid process
Split subscapularis tendon
Split subscapularis tendon
Fixation Coracoid
Fixation Coracoid
Operation after Latarjet advantages
Operation after Latarjet – advantages