Animation laser surgery anal fissure

Animation of anal fissure surgery using laser fiber.

The rights of use of the visual material are held by the client.
Music used under Creative Commons license CC BY 3.0: Kevin McLeoad – “As I figure”.

Design of 3D animation for laser fissurectomy. An anal fissure is a painful tear in the anal mucosa which is caused by disease or irritation or injury to the mucosa. In most cases, the mucous membrane regenerates after some time with conservative treatments. However, in some cases this is not the case, which may require surgery. In a laser fissurectomy, the fissure is treated superficially with a laser fiber to allow tissue regeneration.

The 3D animation shows the steps of the operation. First, chronically enlarged anal papillae are reduced with the laser. In the second step, the wound bed is superficially coagulated. In the last step, the sentinel pile is reduced and a wound drain triangle is applied which supports wound healing.

Project details: 

Content: 3D animation

Utilization: Trade fairs and congresses, Youtube, website, field service

Specifications: Full-HD, 1:00 min, english subtitles

Client:  Biolitec AG

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Screenshots Animation Lasertherapie:

man back therapy
View man from behind with back and buttocks

anal fissure sectional view
Anal fissure in a sectional view through the anus

proktoskop operation analfissur
Use of a proctoscope in proctosurgery

Treatment anal fissure using laser
Treatment anal fissure using laser