Animation nasal spray rhinitis

Mode-of-action 3D animation of a sniff spray.

Rights of use of the visual material: -nda-
Music: Kevin McLeod – As I figure – License: Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0)


In the case of a cold, the nasal passages are inflamed by infection, which leads to various physiological changes. The nasal mucosa swells and increased mucus is produced. In addition, blood vessels in the nasal passages dilate, narrowing the airways and causing difficulty breathing through the nose.


For our client we designed a 3D animation on the mode-of-action of a cold spray. The animation is used for information about the effect of the medication in the field service at pharmacies and medical professionals.

The 3D animation shows the modes of action of the two active ingredients contained in the preparation. The first active ingredient has a vasoconstrictive effect on the nasal mucosa and thus ensures rapid decongestion of the nose.

The second active ingredient changes the composition of the mucus formed in the goblet cells of the nose. The mucus, which is often very viscous during a cold, is liquefied, making it easier for the cilia to remove it. As a result, the nose is less congested and breathing becomes easier.

Project details: 

Content: 3D Animation for B2B use in German, French and Italian.

Utilization: Field service, Website, Youtube

Specifications: Full-HD (1920*1080px)

Client: -nda-

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with our customer. The images are protected with a watermark.

Screenshots nasal spray rhinitis:

active substance blood vessel
Active ingredients constricts the vessels in the nasal mucosa and thus opens the nose
Active ingredient in nasal mucosa
Active ingredient nasal spray in nose
nasal mucosal mucus virus bacteria
Mucus hinders the removal of viruses and bacteria
goblet cell glycoproteins
The second active ingredients stimulates the goblet cells
change in the composition of the mucus
Composition of the mucus change – viruses and bacteria are removed