acromioclavicular blast

Content creation for a web-based training by Allianz AG on the musculoskeletal system of the upper body:

General tasks and functioning of the skeleton, muscles and tendons. Visualization of the different types of muscles and teaching of anatomical terms of location.

Explanation of various diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound, X-ray examination, scintigraphy, bone scintigraphy, computed tomography, MRI, neutral zero method, Schuber’s signs, Painful Arc.

Disorders of the shoulder (shoulder joint injuries, humeral head fracture, dislocations of the shoulder joint, periarthritis humeroscapularis, rotator cuff rupture, impingement), diseases of the elbow (epicondylopathy, elbow joint fracture, elbow joint osteoarthritis, corpora libera, diseases of the hand (carpal tunnel syndrome, atrophy of the artery of the thumb, palmar fibromatosis (Morbus Dupuytren), rhizarthrosis, arthrosis of the wrist (radiocarpal arthrosis)).


Content: 50 animation sequences, length approx. 25 minutes, 15 illustrations, 3 interactive webGL applications

Utilization: web based training (E-Learning) Allianz AG

Specifications: 1280*720px (HD)

Client: Allianz / TTs

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

webGL anwendung anatomie schulter

Interactive webGL application to the anatomical structures of the shoulder


MRT geraet

MRI device (magnetic resonance imaging)


fraktur oberarm roentgenbild

Fracture right upper arm (radiograph)


muskeltypen glatt quergestreift herz

Muscle Types: (Muscles, Smooth Muscles, Striated Muscles)



sehnen nerven hand palmar

Anatomy of the hand of palmar with skeleton, seeing, nerves and palmar ligament


karpaltunnelsyndrom nachtschiene

Night splint for the treatment of a carpal ligament syndrome