Animation instability ankle joint

3D animation of instability in the ankle joint. Present therapy options such as orthosis and surgical intervention.
Animation instability ankle joint (activate subtitles in your player for a description)

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Ankle instability occurs when the ligaments and muscles that stabilize the ankle are weakened or injured, leaving the joint vulnerable to injury and repetitive sprains.

Project description:

For use in doctor-patient communication and on the website of the SportClinic Zurich, we conceptualized and created an animation on ankle instability. In the first part of the animation, the normal process of rolling the foot is shown – followed by a disturbed process with a clearly visible twisting of the foot. Such a twisting is not only very painful, but can also overstretch the ligaments and possibly even lead to the tearing of a ligament.

Conservative treatment can use physical therapy and special exercises to strengthen muscles and joint stability. The use of a supportive orthosis is also an option. If there is no improvement after a few weeks, surgical stabilization of the ligaments can be considered.

Project details: 

Content: 3D animation

Utilization: patient information, website

Specifications: Full-HD, 1:00 min, german voice over

Client:  Happy Content KLG / SportClinic Zürich GmbH

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Screenshots animation instability ankle joint

Instability ankle
Instability ankle
orthosis supporting ankle joint
Orthosis for supporting the ankle joint

surgical procedure ligaments ankle
Surgical procedure to stabilize the ligaments of the ankle joint