Treatment muscular imbalance shoulder

3D animation of a device for the treatment of muscular dysbalance of the shoulder

Design of an animation for “Schulterhilfe”. When carrying this device while performing special exercises, certain muscle groups are blocked (deltoid muscle + pectoralis major muscle), so that otherwise less active muscle groups have to become active (infraspinatus muscle and teres minor muscle). This helps to cope with muscular dysbalance of the shoulder, which can manifest itself in impingement syndrome and bursitis (subacromial bursitis).

In addition to the animation high-resolution illustrations were created for the design of the booth (17000 x 17000px).

Project details: 

Content: 1 animation – 0:45 minutes. 2 illustration booth

Utilization: website, trade fair

Specifications: Video Full-HD (1920*1080px) – Illustrationen 17000*17000px

Client: Aktiflex

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients. The images are protected with a watermark – use is prohibited.

schulterhilfe aktiflex
“Schulterhilfe” from AktiFlex for the treatment of muscular imbalance in the shoulder
aktiver deltoideus pectoralis major
Shoulder dysbalance – m. Deltoid + m. Pectoralis major
staerkung infraspinatus teres minor
Treatment of muscular imbalance of infraspinatus and teres minor muscles
muskeln infraspinatus teres minor
 Illustrations for the exhibition stand with focus on the Infraspinatus and Teres Minor muscles
Treatment of muscular imbalance
Treatment of muscular imbalance