Illustrations CLL active substance

Illustrations on the mode of action of a BTK inhibitor in CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) on the B cells in the lymph nodes.

In chronic lymphocytic leukemia, the number of B cells is abnormally elevated. The lymph nodes are swollen due to the insertion of B cells. The active substance “Ibrutinib” blocks the interaction of BTK (Brutone Tyrosine Kinase) and transcription factor NFkB in the B cells, which enables cell death and thereby reduces their number. As more and more B-cells and also BTK are produced, a continuous intake of the drug is necessary to reduce the number of B-cells.

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CLL wirkstoff b zellen ntk
The drug binds to the BTK and prevents interaction with the transcription factor NFkB
CLL permanente abgabe wirkstoff b zelle
Because BTK is still being re-produced by the B cell, the drug must be taken continuously
skizze cll lymphknoten b zellen
Rough sketch of the images for usage in pre-production
CLL lymph nodes
CLL lymph nodes