Bracket incisor

Creation of high – resolution 3D animations (4k – UHD) on various topics and treatment methods in orthodontics: Intraoral 3D scan, animation about various malocclusions (crossbite, progyny, crowding, deep bite, etc.), wear teeth, Change of teeth with increasing age, usage of aligners, interdental rasps, attachments, sucking effect of aligners, usage principles of brackets, manual application of brackets, digital planning and placement of brackets, orthodontic procedures for applying brackets via trays, comparison of lingual and buccal brackets, lingual trays, lingual-setup course, Twistflex Retainer, Memotain Retainer, Orthodontic Steps Installation Memotain Retainer.


Content:  18 snimation sequences, lenght ~6:30 min.

Utilization: Website, Youtube, fairs and congresses

Specifications: Resolution 3840 × 2160 pixel – UHD (Ultra High Definition Television)

Client: CA-Digital

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

3d scan dental unterkiefer

Intraoral 3D scan of the lower jaw


aetzgel auftrag unterkiefer dental

Use of etching gel for roughening the tooth surface


aligner kieferorthopaedie

Aligner on upper jaw


lingual brackets unterkiefer

Use of lingual brackets in orthodontics


retainer dental

Retainer to stabilize the teeth after an orthodontic procedure