Trailer medical engineering

3D animated trailers for two devices in the medical technology sector. Visualization of the devices and their core features.
Trailer medical technology with focus on design (social media)

Project description:

Design of 3D animated trailers for two products in the field of medical technology. Four short animations were created for each of the two devices, each of which visualized a topic/core feature of the device. These short trailers are used on the company’s social media channels. The focus in the design of the animations was primarily on the appealing presentation and staging of the devices and their features.

The individual sequences were combined into a longer animation for the displays and projectors at the company’s trade fair exhibition stand.

Project details trailer medical engineering

Content: 10 animations (8 short-trailer, 2 long-trailer)

Use: SocialMedia (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter), Youtube, Website, Displays trade fair booth

Specs: Full-HD

Client: Zimmer Medizinsysteme

The rights of use of the images shown here are held by the client; use is not permitted. Images and video are protected by watermarks.

Trailer for social media for easy temperature control
3D animation medical technology for trade fair and website
3D model from CAD data – medical engineering
Final 3D model – medical engineering