Animation monitoring inflammatory bowel diseases

Information film on monitoring therapy for inflammatory bowel diseases using photoacoustic tomography.
Animation optoacoustic imaging IBD

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Optoacoustic imaging is a medical imaging technique that visualizes biological tissue. To do this, the technology uses light to excite cells or tissue and captures the resulting acoustic signals to produce images with high spatial and temporal resolution. This allows tissue to be imaged to a certain depth with high resolution. The technique is non-ionizing and safe for imaging living tissue, making it suitable for monitoring disease progression.


Design of a film on the use of photoacoustic tomography in the monitoring of treatment for inflammatory bowel diseases (“Assessing Inflammatory Bowel Disease using Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT)”). There are a number of procedures for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which, however, do not show the desired success in every patient. It is therefore important to check the success of treatment and then switch to another therapy if necessary. This check is usually carried out by means of colonoscopy, that is, the insertion of a camera into the intestine and the optical control of the inflamed intestinal regions. This process is not entirely free of risks and burdens for the patient.

The “MSOT Acuity Echo” uses an imaging process in which the tissue of the intestine is stimulated by short laser pulses. This happens from the outside teh body through the abdominal wall, therefore it is a non-invasive procedure. Different types of tissue react differently to the laser pulses, an ultrasound can record these reactions and transmit them to the “MSTO Acuity Echo”. The device creates a real-time picture of the findings, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the intestinal wall. A study examines the reliability of this type of monitoring of treatment for IBD patients.

The narrative concept of the information film consisted of filmed video recordings and interviews with an expert on this topic (which was provided by iThera), video material from photo agencies and 3D animated sequences. The major part of the film took the video recordings. In addition to cutting the raw material, color correction, retouching and audio processing were also carried out. In some scenes, picture elements had to be exchanged because the findings shown on the monitor of the MSOT were not meaningful enough (assembling and tracking). The 3D animations focused in the explanation of the diseases in IBD, the disadvantages and the process of a colonoscopy and above all the use of photoacoustic tomography in a sectional view of the abdominal wall.

Project details monitoring IBD: 

Content: 1 animation – 2:45 minutes

Utilization: website, presentations

Specifications: Video Full-HD (1920*1080px) – english voice over

Client: iThera Medical

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Screenshots monitoring IBD:

bildgebendes verfahren ced
Inflamed intestinal wall compared to a treated intestinal wall
vorbereitung koloskopie
Preparations for a colonoscopy
Photoacoustic examination intestine
Photoacoustic examination intestine
tracking montage
Editing and tracking of new screen content (monitor content)
Editing and color correction of the video material