Animation negative pressure therapy wounds

Application video of a secondary dressing for negative pressure therapy of wounds on extremities

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Negative pressure therapy is a treatment that uses negative pressure to promote healing of chronic or hard-to-heal wounds. A wound dressing is placed over the wound, and a vacuum pump is used to create negative pressure within the dressing. This causes the edges of the wound to contract, which promotes blood flow to the area and stimulates the growth of new tissue. Negative pressure therapy can be used to treat a variety of wounds, including surgical wounds, pressure ulcers and burns.


Conception and design of a 4K animation (Ultra HD) for the application of the secondary dressing “EasyDress”. EasyDress is used in treatment of wounds on the extremities using negative pressure therapy. In the context of the application video, the individual steps for applying the negative pressure wound dressing are shown:

First, one of the three available sizes of the EasyDress wound dressing is selected and cut to fit.

In the animation, the wound dressing is then pulled over the extremity to be treated and folded in at the edge in a Z-shape. This prevents the formation of channels through which air can escape. In the next step, the edge is taped and thus sealed.

Now the secondary dressing is cut near the wound and the drainage pad is applied there. This is glued to the EasyDress dressing to prevent leakage here as well.

In the final step, the drainage pad is connected to the therapy unit and the therapy unit is started. This starts to generate negative pressure in the secondary dressing and also removes exudate from the wound.

Project details: 

Umfang: 2 animations – subtitles German + English

Einsatzgebiete: website, fairs, congresses, youtube, social media

Technisches: Ultra HD – 3840 × 2160 px

Kunde / Auftraggeber: Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. KG

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Screenshots animation negative pressure therapy:

Put the secondary bandage over the extremity

Fixing secondary dressing

Drainage pad on secondary dressing

sakrospinales bandverankerungssystem beckenbodenprolaps unten
Therapy unit – negative pressure therapy

Negative pressure therapy - leg
Negative pressure therapy – leg