Graphics operation method neurostimulation

Illustrations for a publication on a surgical method for inserting an electrode for the treatment of chronic pain.

Creation of illustrations for a publication by Dr. Jost Thissen on a surgical procedure for neurostimulation / neuromoduation. During surgery, an electrode is implanted on the spinal cord, which can then be stimulated by the electrical impulses of an external device to suppress chronic pain. To gain access to the spinal cord, a spinous process is split and stitched after surgery. The surrounding structures, such as muscles and tendons, hold the spinous process in postion after the procedure and enables a healing without complications. In addition to the illustrations for the publication an animation was created for use in lectures, which explains the intervention in the moving image.

Project details:

Content: 6 illustrations + 2D animation

Utilization: scientific publication, lectures

Specifications: 2D vector illustrations and animation

Client: Abbott Laboratories/Dr. Jost Thissen

Realization of the project in cooperation with Grafik Werkstatt Wuppertal / Yvonne Grabowski.

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients. The images are protected with a watermark.

op spalten wirbelfortsatz
Splitting a spinous process
op raspeln
Rasping the fracture site on the vertebral body
op stanzen dura mater spinalis
Removal of parts of the “dura mater spinalis” to allow access to spinal cord
op ergebnis elektrode neurostimulation
Final position of the electrode on the spinal cord with sewn vertebrate
Operation method electrode spinal cord
Operation method electrode spinal cord