Illustration acoustic signals

Illustration of the conversion of acoustic signals in the middle and inner ear into electrical impulses.

Designing illustrations on the theme of hearing. Design of an illustration on the anatomy of the ear including the outer ear, inner ear and auditory canal. Design of an illustration about the transmission of acoustic signals by means of malleus, incus, stapes and conversion of the signals into electrical impulses in the cochlea and subsequent transmission of the stimuli to the auditory center of the brain.

Project details:

Content: 1 Illustration – german

Utilization: Info-brochure, patient information, website

Specifications: 2480*1748 px

Client: Yupik / Ohropax

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Anatomical illustration ear
Anatomical illustration of the ear with auditory canal
Acoustic signals ear
Acoustic signals ear