Print campaign Prospan

Illustration for a print campaign for the cold medicine "Prospan". The slime-dissolving effect of the extracts of ivy leaves from Prospan is explained by a glass person whose lungs are formed by ivy leaves.

Engelhardt Arzneimittel is an internationally operating company with more than 300 employees. As one of the leading brand manufacturers in the OTC sector, Engelhard primarily sells over-the-counter pharmacy-only drugs for self-medication. For a new print campaign of the cough medicine “Prospan”, whose active ingredient is based on ivy leaves, and under the leadership of the agency “Gams und Schrage Healthcare”, Engelhardt required the illustration of a glass human figure, whose lungs are made of ivy leaves.

Illustration Prospan
Cold medicine Prospan

Project description:

Content: Illustration Prospan

Utilization: Print

Specifications: 2480 * 1748 pixel

Client: Gams und Schrage Healthcare/ Engelhardt Arzneimittel

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Design and development content illustration:

The objective of “Gams und Schrage” was to create an illustration based on the graphic guidelines for Prospan, which visually brings the aspect of “being able to breathe freely again” to the point and should be used as a key visual in all publications. For this, Gams und Schrage created some sketches to define perspective, image content and color world. Fine-tuning and corrections were then made on the basis of PDFs.

Sketch torso lung ivy leaves
Sketch torso lung with ivy leaves
Mockup illustration Prospan

The first step was to develop a figure that would have a distinct glass character, but not obscure the actual core message with refractions and distortions. This was not possible in a single 3D model, because the ivy leaves and trachea were distorted too much by the glass structure of the figure, which resulted in a physically correct representation, but not the desired end result.

Render elements illustration

For this purpose, the individual image elements were created in separate layers, with the glass man alone consisting of 15 different layers, and then composited. This allowed for much greater control over the final result. By changing the contrast and color contrast and adding rays, the focus was directed to the core element of the illustration, the ivy leaves that formed the figure’s lungs.