Illustratios knee and meniscus

Design of a series of illustrations on the human knee showing images of the anatomy and injuries of the ligaments and menisci.

Project description:

Design of illustrations on the anatomy and injuries of the human knee. Visualization of the various ligaments such as the medial and lateral cruciate ligaments. Visualization of ruptures of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, the outer ligament and the inner ligament from different views.

Creation of illustrations of the anatomy of the two menisci in the knee: visualization of the inner meniscus and outer meniscus, the areas supplied with blood (red-red zone, white-red zone, white-white zone) in the meniscus and the various regions (anterior horn, posterior horn, pars intermedia). Visualization of different injuries and damages of the meniscus such as transverse tear, longitudinal tear, flap tear, basket handle tear.

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Project details knee and menisci

Content: 44 Illustration

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Specs: DIN A3, 300dpi

Client: MedicalGraphics

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Knee in medial view
PCL – posterior cruciate ligament
ACL – anterior cruciate ligament
Meniscus – blood-flow
Meniscus medialis (green) and meniscus lateralis (red)
Anatomical regions meniscus
Meniscus damage – flap-tear
Meniscus – bucket handle tear
Rupture lateral collateral ligament
Longitudinal tear meniscus
Rupture of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)
Radial meniscus tear