Hololens App – Medical Congress

Design of visual content for a Hololens app for a medical congress.
Screencast Hololens App

As a central component of a booth at an immunology congress MedicalGraphics created 3D models and animations to represent the various future topics of the exhibitor. These were presented within an app on a Microsoft Hololens 2 in an augmented reality environment (the images show screenshots from the Hololens in a test environment).

After putting on the Microsoft Hololens, three virtual objects appeared on the centrally positioned table of the exhibition stand. By tapping the objects, the user started a sequence on one of the customer’s future topics. During the presentation, virtual objects and video sequences appeared in the user’s field of vision, with which he could interact while a speaker led through the further content.

Project details: 

Content: 3D models and animations

Utilization: Mircosoft Hololens 2 , Medical Congress

Specifications: FBX Export, Unity3D

Client:  MuVi3D / nda

The rights of use for the illustrations shown here lie with the client; use is not permitted. The images are protected with watermarks. A 3D model of the Hololens2 by “Faber2” under “CC BY 4.0 Deed” License was used for the poster illustration of the article.

3D assets app:

hololens 3d assets
3D models for import into Unity for Hololens App

Screenshots Hololens App:

Hololens for medical congress
User interaction in Hololens app for medical congress
hololens - AI-supported tuberculosis diagnosis
AI-supported tuberculosis diagnosis for developing countries (Screenshot Hololens)
hololens - printing of an artificial aortic valve
3D printing of an artificial aortic valve (screenshot Hololens)
hololens -  treatment options in HIV therapy
New treatment options in HIV therapy (screenshot Hololens)