Augmented-reality app Lung

3D modeling and preparation for an AR application (augmented reality) on an Apple iPad. Main content of the application was the anatomy of the lungs and the visualization of active substances for better oxygen uptake.

Design of 3D models of the lungs for an AR (augmented reality) app for iPAD. The theme of the app is the anatomy of the lungs and the effect of agents for better oxygen uptake.

Using a marker (brochure or printout), a virtual object is integrated into the scene filmed by the camera of the IPAD – in this app, for example, a lung with the two lung lobes, trachea and bronchi. By moving the iPad, you can now zoom in closer to the object and view parts of the model, or rotate the iPad to view the model from other perspectives.

Project details:

Content: Graphic content for an IPad APP

Utilization: Medical detailing for medical representatives

Specifications: IPad app IOS

Client: NDA

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Augmented-reality app
Lung – IOS APP