Kinect based App to reduce fall risk

Creation of 3D figures for a healthcare application in which the patient performs certain exercises to reduce fall risk.

Design of a female and a male real-time 3D figure for the Kinect app “iStoppFalls”. The aim of the application is to motivate elderly patients to exercise with the help of a serious game in order to reduce their susceptibility to falls in old age.

The patient positions himself in front of the TV or monitor to use the app. Using a Kinect, the patient’s movements are transferred to the virtual figures on the screen. In various exercise categories, which were designed like mini-games, the 3D figures served primarily as visual feedback for the user to check whether the exercises were performed correctly.

For the app (real-time 3D application), a simplified animation rig was created to be compatible with the (relatively simple) rig captured by the Kinect.

More about the iStoppFalls project in this publication.

Project details:

Content: 3D characters for the Kinect app

Utilization: Exercises for patients for preventing strokes

Specifications: PC with Kintect

Client: Kaasa

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Female character Kinect app iStopfalls
Female character for Kinect app “iStopfalls”
Male character Kinect app iStopfalls
Male character for Kinect app “iStopfalls”
App preventing strokes
App preventing strokes