Medical key-visuals “Biolitec”

Project description of illustrations of minimally invasive laser procedures and devices.

Biolitec AG is one of the leading manufacturers of laser medical devices and researches and markets minimally invasive laser procedures. The product range includes laser devices and fibers for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement, removal of varicose veins and haemorrhoids as well as laser devices for surgical applications and the areas aesthetics, orthopedics and ENT.

For their product catalogs, Biolitec AG required a whole series of key visuals, which on the one hand should clearly represent the subject area of ​​the publication and on the other hand should mirror the Company-Graphics of Biolitec through a uniform design.

Keyvisual veins
Keyvisual veins

 A scientific and clear presentation of the topic was desired. A glass figure was selected as the basic motive. In order to give the key visuals a greater dynamic, the figure should be displayed in motion.

For some of the topics, this is difficult to realize, since the areas shown were very small in a complete human figure and a zoom on the area did not make the movement pose of the figure any longer recognizable. In these cases a dynamic image impression was produced by camera position and image composition.

Keyvisual lung
Keyvisual lung

Since the illustrations should also be used for rollups on trade fairs or other large-format print-products, the images were created in a resolution of approx. 9000*7000 pixels.

The use rights of the illustrations shown here are with Biolitec AG.

Keyvisuals trade fair booth
Use keyvisuals trade fair booth